Right now, anything that may make our lives just a little bit easier and a little less stressful is a bonus. By starting the day off right, with a quick, simple and nutritious breakfast, you’ll set the tone for the day and ensure your body and brain are firing on all cylinders.

Here’s our top 10 breakfast recipes that’ll help you do just that.

  1. Smoothie Bowl

Blitz up a range of vegetables and fruits with a little milk and you’ve got a great way to start the day – with an abundance of essential nutrients.  Add in a scoop of protein powder and get creative with your toppings and you’ll have a breakfast that  keep you full throughout the morning (1).

  1. Overnight oats

A staple for people who love an easy to grab breakfast option. Overnight oats make the perfect breakfast, as they can be made in bulk for the week ahead, with endless possibilities of exciting combinations that will have you jumping out of bed and running to the fridge.

To create a perfect overnight oat recipe, try and make sure you  include a protein source and at least 1 serving of fruit. If you need a little inspiration, then try out our  spiced apple pie protein oats.

  1. Meal replacement shake

When you need breakfast in a hurry, having an all-in-one option, that meets your nutritional needs and is quick to prepare, sounds too good to be true. Thankfully, it’s not…with our Diet Meal Replacement shake you can have exactly that.

Low in calories, yet high in protein and fibre, and being full of flavour, this shake is perfect for those mornings when time (and calories) are in short supply.

Not forgetting the added vitamin and minerals such as B12, D3 and Calcium which all work together to keep your nervous system, immune health and muscle functioning in check. (2,3,4)

  1. Nut butter and banana bagels

This is an option that needs minimal preparation, making it an ideal choice for when you’re grabbing breakfast on the go.

First, pick your favourite TPW nut butter (a near impossible task, we know) each of which is made from 100% natural nuts and packed with healthy fats. Spread it on your bagel – choose a wholemeal option for extra fibre – and top it with a banana for a well-rounded, nutrient loaded breakfast.

  1. Yogurt with granola

Simple, yet effective.

Take your yogurt of choice and top it with your favourite granola. The yogurt will provide you protein, calcium and probiotics, which are great for your digestive health (3), whilst a good quality granola will provide the fibre and complex carbohydrates.

Another option that can be made in bulk for the week ahead, making life a little easier!

  1. Scrambled tofu on wholegrain toast

If you have a little more time in the morning (not that you’ll need much more) then scrambled tofu on toast is a high protein, high fibre option that is too good to pass up.

Tofu is a nutritional powerhouse, with it being low in cholesterol, high in protein and packed with vital vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. (4) Add that to a high fibre bread and you’ve got a winning combo.

  1. Protein Loaded Pancakes

Enjoy protein packed pancakes in just a matter of minutes with our light and fluffy Protein Pancakes mix, that come in Vegan, Diet and Loaded ranges, so there’s an option for everyone.

Add the recommended number of scoops to milk or water and your good to go. Simple.

  1. Protein flapjacks

Another option that can be prepped for the week ahead and can even step in when those mid-day hunger pangs hit.

High in protein and providing a slow release of carbohydrates our Michelin star protein flapjacks are ideal for providing you with an easy to grab snack, that’s perfect for when time is short.

  1. Avocado Toast

Being loaded with fibre and monosaturated fats, Avocado’s can help lower cholesterol (5) and combined with a wholegrain bread that can help fight diabetes and heart disease (6), this could just be the ultimate healthy breakfast option, that just happens to be super quick to make.

  1. Protein Bars/snacks

An easy option, with no prep needed, these will be ready for whenever you need them most. Whether you opt for a bar, cookie or brownie, you can be assured that you are consuming a high quality protein and all natural ingredients, that will help you save time and reach your goals.



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