Protein Spreads


Drizzleable, dunkable, and straight-up-spoonable, our Protein Spreads take toast to the next level. Packed with premium whey protein to support your fitness goals, they're here to up the spread game, whether you're team chocolate hazelnut or a white chocolate wild card.

We think we’ve pulled the ultimate culinary hat trick – our Spreads are low sugar, veggie-friendly and irresistibly creamy. Plus, they’re palm oil and GMO free, so you can tuck in knowing there’s no nasties hiding in your jar. Why stop at toast? Perfect baked into oats for that fudgy filling, slapped on pancake stacks, dolloped onto your protein mug cakes... the options are endless! Breakfast, dessert, snack, or straight from the jar – no judgement here – get ready for the chocolate revolution.

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    Love these spreads, they taste great and are the perfect healthy alternative! - Adam