Sports Nutrition And Training Accessories

At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we aim to help you in every area of your nutrition and training.Basically we’re committed to not only providing the very best protein shakes in sports nutrition. But we also aim to provide gym clothing, capsule containers and of course the most durable, stylish protein shakers in the fitness industry.

That’s why here you’ll find a range of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ branded training accessories and training aids, all designed to make your nutrition and training more convenient. Each and every accessory from our protein shakers to water bottles is made to our high standards using both premium quality materials and only the very best manufacturing processes.

This particular TPW™ range of training accessories will be ever-growing as we work with a range of athletes and strength and conditioning coaches to find and develop the latest accessories and training aids.

But if you have an idea that you think would make your training or nutrition easier we’d love to hear from you so do feel free to get in touch or speak to us on Twitter or Facebook. Essentially at TPW™ we believe innovation shouldn’t be confined to your creatine or casein. This is why this range is particularly important. Since we believe it represents the next frontier for sports nutrition. Best-selling, revolutionary whey protein was just the beginning.

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  1. Limited Edition TPW™ Shaker
    Limited Edition TPW™ Shaker
    Rating: 94%
    94% of 100
    Delivered quick and doesn't leak when shook most importantly, all around good investment...Rebecca
    was from £7.99 from £7.18
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  2. TPW™ Protein Shaker
    TPW™ Protein Shaker
    Rating: 96%
    96% of 100
    "The best shakers out there and they look great too!" - Russ
    was from £6.99 from £6.28
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  3. TPW™ Matte Orange Shaker
    TPW™ Matte Orange Shaker
    Rating: 95%
    95% of 100
    “This is an absolute beauty, love how it feels and it keeps my shakes super smooth!” Fraser
    was from £12.99 from £11.68
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  4. 365 Reusable Bottle
    365 Reusable Bottle
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “This bottle is amazing, it keeps drinks very cool. I use it overnight and it's still chill...Jade
    was from £17.99 from £16.18
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  5. Pill Box
    TPW™ Pill Box
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    "I love these little pill boxes! Use them to carry around my TPW supplements! Can't fault ...Grace
    was from £1.99 from £1.78
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