PW 70ml Scoop
PW 70ml Scoop

PW 70ml Scoop

“A scoop that does the job! Comes free with every powder supplement so no more measuring out!” – Matt

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PW™ 70ml Measurement Scoop (large) is a hard-wearing measuring tool for use with PW™ sports nutrition powders. 

*This offer is limited to 1 per customer. 

Protein Scoop 

PW™ 70ml Measurement Scoop ensures accurate dosage for all protein powders and is dish-washer friendly. 

Unlike most other sports nutrition companies, we include a scoop free of charge in every powder supplement we produce. So unless you lose your scoop, you should never need to buy one of these. 

Excellent Quality Protein Scoop 

Amongst other things, our philosophy is based on transparency of product ingredients and of pricing. This means the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden extra costs for a scoop or free delivery but prices hiked up to factor the delivery cost in. For more information on how we think and what makes our products and service unique, read Our Philosophy.

'Directions for Use' for the correct dosage for each product.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Scoop

    It does what it says on the tin
  2. WOW! This is CRAZY, scooping protein has never been easier!

    TPW brings us this innovative product, This scoop has changed my life. This handy 70ml large grey scoop can scoop any type of powder. This means you can scoop your mass matrix protein, creatine, diet replacement protein OR EVEN whey protein 360, with EASE. You can actually scoop any type of powder or even liquid with this scoop. TPW outdid themselves with this one. Very handy little invention to scoop powder. Scooping protein has never been easier... This product is next level, it has been carfully engineered to scoop the prefect measurement of protein, its honestly perfect! It's also very affordable and offers good value for money, what more could you want? Theres more... It is also dishwasher friendly which is great... Lastly, it has a nice sized handle which even fits people with bigger hands, it also has a little grip on the handle which is great if you have sweaty hands after an intense workout, this means there's no chance of dropping your precious protein or scoop, that would be very unfortunate...
  3. It's a scoop....

    It scoops the powder, what more can I say.
  4. its free!!!!

    simple product.... a scoop. free in every bag, does the job, although wish it and all other sizes were clear so we can tell we've scooped a full serving!
  5. Good Quality Nice Silver Scoop

    These scoops are great and included in all bags of protein, so i have built quite a stock of them now. The image does not do the product justice the silver is more pleasing in real life. the color coding makes it much easier to distinguish between standard scoops.
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