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Vegan Vitamins, where do we start? The scaremongers are out in force... You won’t get enough vitamins on a vegan diet. You'll be deficient in x,y,z… Here at Protein Works, we don’t get involved in scaremongering. Every Diet is deficient in some way or another. However, working on solutions to your Vegan Vitamin concerns which are tasty, nutritious and 100% natural is our business. We’ve created some absolute Vitamin Powerhouses to keep you going all day and put all other Vegan Vitamins to shame!

There are common deficiencies - but with our vegan supplements such as vegan omega 3 6 9 - we have you covered.

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  • Essential Multivitamin

    “Super easy and great value supplement to get my daily intake - and I love it’s vegan!... - Jamie

  • Green Tea Ultra

    "I've been buying these for around a year now and they have really impacted on both my ene...Beth*