Welcome To Protein Works: We Are Innovation.

Rewind to 12th December 2012. Out of a freezing cold office (we couldn’t afford heating back then!), we huddled round a couple of computer screens. This was the moment. After a year of working round the clock and a lifetime of tempering the thirst to create a world class brand, we pressed LAUNCH. That was the moment Protein Works website went live to the globe.

It’s not a fancy story, we know. But fancy isn’t in our DNA, innovation is. With the idea to rock the very foundations of a sports nutrition industry that had become complacent, we set out to create an online sports nutrition brand that put pure quality & wow service before lowest possible price. With that vision and all it entails, we knew we’d be the underdogs from the very beginning. But you know what? We love that.

So, as we embark on sharing our journey from humble Cheshire beginnings, to over 1 million orders, into 50 different countries and a 5 million social reach… Team Protein Works and our community… here’s to you, the grafters, the crazy ones, the innovators, up against the big boys and living off the thrill of winning.

Vegan Shakes

A Price Promise That’s A Little Different.

To say the odds weren’t ever in our favour is an understatement. With dreams of making all our product in-house and using only the finest ingredients & insane flavours, our odds weren’t even cast. However, we hustled hard and here we are…

How? Well first off, we never wanted to be the cheapest, that’s our price promise. In fact, we'd have failed if that was ever the case. For us, it has always been about premium ingredients, genuine innovation and insane tasting products. We see true value as the key to customer satisfaction, not rock bottom prices at any cost. After all, they do say buy cheap and you buy twice – and when it comes to something that you put in your body, we’re not comfortable with second chances.

The Finest Ingredients.

We’ll get right into this one, as it couldn’t be simpler. All our products use 100% pure, premium grade ingredients. Flavours and ingredients are selected not only for their origins and purity, but also for their ability to pass our taste-bud profiling test. A process devised by our team of nutritional experts that run the factory at Protein Works. Think of it as the right of passage for each and every ingredient – if they don’t raise the nutritional profile and create insane flavour then we simply don’t use them. It’s what keeps us working to the highest standards sports nutrition has and it’s what drives us to innovate – you don’t get to be the original creators of flavours like Cherry Bakewell and Millionaires Shortbread in award winning whey protein without expertise & standards like this.

Vegan Shakes
Vegan Shakes

Dedicated To Innovation.

We've had a conveyor belt of product innovations rolling out of HQ since 2012 and hopefully you've tried a few of them... Protein Pancakes, Protein Porridge, Zero Syrups™, Red-Cell™, Loaded Nuts, Whey Protein 360, Superfood Bites, Diet Super Greens, Protein Mug Cakes, Diet Meal Replacement Extreme, Vegan Protein, and the list goes on and on. The innovation count is around 60 so far, an insane number when you think where we started – and not so insane when you imagine where we’re going to take this!

Multi Award Winning Brand.

We've won a few awards along the way which is pretty cool. The National New Business of the Year was an accolade we didn't expect to receive, but caused a massive celebration at Protein Works when we did. Another four awards followed and then Whey Protein 80 won Best Protein of the Year which was the best judge's decision ever made - no bias honestly! ;-)

Its Our Community That’s The Biggest Trophy.

We set out to put the customer at the centre of what we innovate. After all, what we make goes into bodies and fuels goals. We only ever want to add to results, to fuel the fires and be part of the celebration. We nailed this with our commitment to using the finest ingredients, but we’re also darn proud of our customer service heroes too as they pioneer wow service. We've got one of the best customer service teams out there. But it’s also one of the smallest, which might seem strange considering our growth curve. But it just goes to show the importance of premium quality throughout everything we do. We're pretty proud of our "EXCELLENT" five-star rating on the independent review site, TrustPilot too. We can grin at those facts all we want, but it’s our Protein Works Community that has the last say, check out how they call it on our social.

Vegan Shakes
Vegan Shakes

Time To Exercise Your Taste Buds.

We mentioned The factory right? It’s in-house theatre of flavours that can take credit for producing over 100 different flavours that go into our range protein shakes, powders and bakery collection. The team in The Factory work tirelessly to create new flavours to blow your socks clean off. You see, when we say we have the best and most insane flavours on the market, we don’t do so whilst sitting back, reflecting and taking a toast. It’s not a claim, it’s a journey. We’re always improving. We’re confident, but not arrogant that your socks are coming clean off when you pop one of our shakes or snacks. But if they’re not, then cool. Tell us, we’ll go back, and we’ll work ours off, so we can blow yours off next time. But we won’t compromise on ingredients and we won’t pack our products with artificial flavour – it’s not our thing. What is us all over is innovation. So, watch out for the next chapter in The Factory as we get ready to launch Flavour Experience - a new taste technology built from our pioneering taste-bud profiling tool. It’s going to be BIG!