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Our Story So Far

Rewind to 12th December 2012. Out of a freezing cold office (because we couldn’t afford heating back then!), our founders huddled round a couple of computer screens. This was the moment. After a year of working round the clock and a lifetime of tempering the thirst to create a world-class brand, we pressed LAUNCH. That was the moment Protein Works website went live to the globe.

It’s not an overly fancy story, we know. There’re no garages worked out of, no office in the Bay Area to talk up. But fancy isn’t in our DNA, innovation is. With the idea to rock the very foundations of a sports nutrition industry that had become complacent, we set out to create an online sports nutrition brand that put pure quality & wow service before lowest possible price. With that vision and all it entails; we knew we’d be the underdogs from the very beginning. But you know what? We love that.

Fast forward almost 8 years and the journey from humble Cheshire beginnings, to over 1 million orders shipped globally may be in the bag, but our future is just beginning…

Get On Board The Rocket Ship

At our Cheshire based HQ we handle the full business mix. On one side of our HQ you’ll find our Operations Department, including Finance & Planning all the way to Fulfilment, Warehousing and our very own Production facilities, pumping out the finest fit foods on the market. Step a couple of yards across, and you’ll open the doors to where we plot, plan and perform! In our central Sales & Marketing Team we handle the full Performance Marketing mix, Brand Management, Design, Customer Experience, Content Creation, SEO and CRO and Trading. We also have an inhouse Tech Team & International Trade working alongside us… all in the one place. Is it a squeeze? Sure. But only when it comes to knowledge base! We do this on purpose because we believe that our business is best when it collaborates and moves as one. It’s super charges personal and business growth.

Innovation Is In Our Bones

At our very core we believe in innovation in everything we touch. It’s engrained in our product range, in our people and in our proposition.

So of course, it follows naturally that we believe in an in-house approach to everything. We purposely put the talent and expertise that our business thrives on in the sole care of ourselves and our team. In short, we don’t ‘do’ agencies and we categorically believe that if there’s a solution to be had – our team are the best ones to devise and deliver it. As such, Protein Works is an entrepreneurial place that values those people who want to make a dent, don’t want to be held back & don’t do politics. Our people are bored with ‘corporate’, are positively impatient & passionate self-learners. The culture is fast paced, supportive, and audacious.

The way our business is built and what we’re capable of, reflects that mindset.

Opportunities Like This Aren’t Normal

This is your chance get on board! Joining a team of talent in the next fast growth phase of the business as we deliver to an ambitious 5-year plan which sees Marketing & Tech investment as key to our success. Work with like-minded, passionate people, deliver to ambitious monthly targets internationally, have the autonomy normal people would be scared of, whilst enjoying flexible working, in a market that is buzzing, in offices purposely located out of the jammed city centre, in the suburbs of the northern digital hub.

We're Searching For...

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Digital Marketing Director

We are looking for a digital marketing professional who has come through the ranks, working at the coalface across key biddable & digital channels and in trading environments, and now operates at a senior level. Reporting into the Chief Marketing Officer, you are one of those rare individuals that can think both tactically and strategically. Your ability to manage the full marketing mix, including brand, social media, SEO, influencers, PR and more, will makeyou stand out from the crowd. It goes without saying that your eye for detail and interest in KPIs and data, will beyour ground zero for making decisions.

You will have significant exposure to the Senior Exec Team including our CEO, CFO and COO and be incredibly ambitious in making your mark and helping the business break new records. Commitment and energy will be in your DNA, and your ability to inspire and support a talented marketing team will be second to none.




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German Digital Marketing Executive

Reporting into the Head of Trading and German Growth Hacker, this role is responsible for creating a best in class customer experience that delivers against our brand values and the needs of our current and new customers. You will work alongside our Trading & Merchandising team, managing the PPC and Trading functions of one of our key stores - Germany.

A key part of your role will be delivering a synergistic trading strategy, bringing together our key acquisition channel and aligning this with projects to help drive conversion rate, gross profit and ultimately revenue across our product range.

This role requires a strong entrepreneurial flair, a really great understanding of ecommerce trading techniques, a passion for data and a real ability to think outside of the box when it comes to user experience and what creates a world class, unbeatable, unique customer experience.





Data Engineer

Working closely with the C-suite and senior leaders across our vertically integrated business you’ll be flanked by 60+ years of digital retail & operational experience supporting your performance and growth over the years to come.

You’ll work with our Senior Data Engineer and take an active and autonomous role in the engineering and development of our Data Intelligence Platform. It’s a propitiatory cloud-based solution connected to marketing, operations and finance data sources in real time.





Head Of Fulfilmet

This role is based within our fulfilment facility in Runcorn and has the following main responsibilities. The successful candidate needs to be a true people person with a passion and resilience to deliver results, and has the ability to quickly gain respect and has similar experience in a turnaround role.




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Graphic Designer

You will have the responsibility and accountability to create new packaging concepts, label artwork and new digitaldesigns and video to briefs and deadlines and deliver these from concept to reality. There’s a huge degree ofautonomy in the role and a real desire to find someone who wants to make a mark in an exciting industry with themost progressive take on design within the sector. We truly believe in taking things to the next level and this Designrole is crucial in contributing to that journey.




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Global Head of Commercial Sales

Are you highly commercial with exceptional negotiation skills? Do you have the entrepreneurial flair to seek out the ideal partners in a region and then proactively develop that market? Does hitting targets get you out of bed in the morning? If so, we want to hear from you.

At Protein Works™ we believe our global trade partners are pivotal to the continued success of the business. Your strong account management and ability to seek out new leads will set you apart from the pack.






  • Sports Nutrition Advisors - If you love helping people achieve their goals and are qualified to do so then let us know. Friendly, passionate, helpful. Get in touch!
  • Website Technology - Whatever your area of online technical expertise - developer, project manager, analyst, tester, engineer, we want to hear from you. Get in touch!
  • Digital Graphic Designers - If you're an online designer looking for a new challenge, whatever your level. Creative, talented, mobile friendly. Get in touch!
  • Digital Marketers - The team here have won several digital awards so they're a talented bunch, but we're always interested in adding to the crew. Get in touch!
  • Warehouse & Production Team - We have a wide range of opportunities in our operational teams, whatever your level, we'd like to hear from you. Get in touch!
  • New Product Developers - If you're exceptional at product development and innovating at pace in sports nutrition, then throw your hat in the ring. Get in touch!
  • Newly Graduated? - Just out of uni and looking to get your foot on the career ladder? Fire over your CV and we may just have an opportunity for you. Get in touch!


Email us (ideally with your CV) via the email address below and we'll be in touch if we'd like to find out more about you.

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