Super Greens
Super Greens

Super Greens

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“I'm useless at getting my greens in - this tastes lovely. i'm made up it's so easy to get in my greens.” - Steve

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Best SellerPomegranate & CranberryPomegranate & Cranberry
Tropical PunchTropical Punch
20 shakes
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Meet Your New Daily Habit.

Overall Well-Being

Overall Well-Being

Super Greens is convenient and affordable way to support your immune system and improve your general well-being from just 69p per shake.*



Super Greens include a vast array of plant-based active ingredients at optimal amounts based on the latest scientific research and formulated by our team of nutritionists.

Earthy Greens

Earthy Greens

We know the earthy taste of green veggies isn’t for everyone, which is why our experts in flavour and innovation have gone above and beyond to bring you a choice of insane, fruity flavours. Your greens never tasted so good!

All This in One Supergreens..
  • check_circle100% plant-based ingredients
  • check_circleScience-backed formula
  • check_circleEnriched with flavour boost™ technology
  • check_circlePremium grade ingredients
  • check_circleMade with spirulina powder
  • check_circleAdded essential vitamins & minerals
  • check_circleOnly 31 calories
  • check_circleNo prepping time required

What Are Supergreens?

We know the earthy taste of green veggies isn’t for everyone, and some prefer a sweeter taste. That’s why our experts in flavour and innovation have gone above and beyond to bring you an additional choice of two insane, fruity flavours. Your greens never tasted so good! Super Greens include a vast array of plant-based active ingredients at optimal amounts based on the latest scientific research and formulated by our team of nutritionists.

With the speed at which new nutrients are discovered and researched our team of nutritional gurus have been chomping at the bit to deliver a super charged version is this classic shake. With over 70 different ingredients to call off, test, discard and confirm, there were no shortages of ingredients set to take centre stage, but having staged almost 200 taste tests, we’ve nailed down this formula, making it taste incredible and escalated its bio-availability to levels we didn’t think possible. So what makes up the DNA of this supershake?

Now getting in your greens has never been easier. No out of date groceries. No time spent shopping and preparing your shakes. Simply scoop into a Protein Works shaker with water, shake and go! Get ahead of your health and reap the benefits of greens.

What's in Supergreens?

Spirulina Powder

A freshwater plant that can be found in tropical lakes, this superfood is highly stacked in essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12. The beauty in Spirulina lies in how it naturally converts sunlight into Protein, making it a complete protein source containing every single essential amino acid you need after a hard workout.

Premium Grade Ingredients 

Our premium grade Super Greens powder is sourced from the finest nutrient dense foods available. It is manufactured at our state of the art facility right here in the UK with our widely acclaimed flavours and colours to create the finest greens powder you will find anywhere. No fillers or thickeners are used during the production process which guarantees a totally pure product. As we produce all our formulas ourselves, each one offers the ultimate in freshness.

Insane Tasting Flavours

At Protein Works we take flavour very seriously, so seriously in fact, that we have created a new level of flavour, which we’ve named Flavour Boost™. Years in the making, we set about testing the taste pallets of many leading critiques from the world of food, nutrition and sports science. We took this huge trawl of data and created a new range of insane tasting flavours to really #exerciseyourtastebuds. Supergreens is one of the first of our nutritional line up to be enriched with Flavour Boost™ Technology.  Tropical hits you with a Caribbean freshness whilst Pomegranate and Cranberry, well words can’t do this justice, you’ll have to experience it for yourselves!

Make it a Perfect Greens Every Time.

Scoop it

Scoop it

Add 4 (5ml medium black scoops, 12g) of Supergreens to your Protein Works shaker.

Add it

Add it

Add to 200-300ml of chilled water or juice.

Shake it

Shake it

Shake well and drink. We recommend consuming up to 2 servings daily.

Due to Super Greens powder having an earthy natural flavour from the nutrient packed ingredients, it is not the most palatable of drinks to consume. To aid consumption, try mixing it with orange juice, pressed apple juice, cranberry or pomegranate juice for a superfood charged start to your day!

Super Greens powder can also be added to your cooking to boost your intake of green foods.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, eat better or improve your general health, looking after your body should be a priority. 

Your Questions, Answered.

Super Greens powder is made from a synergistic blend of superfoods. These superfoods include Spirulina Powder, Broccoli Powder, Chlorella Powder and Ashwagandha Extract, which have been heavily researched and scientifically problem to improve general well-being. Take Spirulina Powder, a superfood highly stacked in nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and essential amino acids, as well as a being a complete protein source, which is great after a hard workout. Or Chlorella Powder, enriched with antioxidants and nutrients to help boost your immune support, and Ashwagandha Extract, known for its powerful stress-relieving properties. And that’s just the start. Don’t just listen to the facts. See for yourself and try Super Greens powder today.

We’ve made having your greens super simple. Add 12g (four black scoops) of Super Greens along with 200ml - 300ml water into your Protein Works shaker. Shake well for 10 seconds and consume. Drop in a few ice cubes for a more refreshing drink. However, the taste of Super Greens has an earthy and sandy texture as you would expect from a wide range of potent superfood ingredients. To aid consumption, you may want to try mixing it with fresh fruit juice, or add to a fruit smoothie for a superfood charged start to your day. We’ve made the Super Greens powder super versatile, so it can also be added to your cooking to boost your intake of green foods.

You can have Super Greens every day. Think of it as an easily accessible way to get to your 5 a day. We recommend consuming Super Greens powder up to 2 servings daily. The benefits of Super Greens are cumulative, so we recommend adding this as part of your daily routine. As mentioned, due to the versatility of Super Greens, you can also add them to your baking or smoothies for added goodness to keep it interesting!

There isn't really a specific nutrient window for Super Greens powder as it is designed to be taken any time of day. However, we see a large proportion of our customers preferring to take it in the morning to 'set them up' for the day ahead.

It’s important to see Super Greens as a lifestyle change, with the benefits of Super Greens being more profound when taken daily over a period of time. Every person’s health is different, along with diets and lifestyles, which all have an impact on feeling the effects. Some customers have reported changes within days, whereas others it can take longer.

We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking Super Greens powder however it's not advised to take them when breastfeeding.

Getting your green intake is more than a fad or a trend, it’s vital to maintain good general health. Our mission with Super Greens was simple - we wanted to make it an affordable and easily accessible way to get your vital greens without paying huge amounts of money or sacrificing on quality. That’s why unlike other greens on the market, you can increase your green intake from as little as 67p per serving. But rest assured, this marketing-leading price does not mean a sacrifice on quality. Our premium grade Super Greens powder is manufactured at our state of the art facility in the UK, and produced and rigorously tested by our team of expert nutritionists for optimum flavour, nutrition and freshness. But that’s what’s in our DNA at Protein Works. Pure quality and the finest ingredients without unattainable price points. For a full ingredient breakdown, head over to the 'Ingredients' tab.

Yes most definitely. Looking after your body should be a priority. Super Greens powder can go with any other supplement. There’s a variety of products at Protein Works to help your body unlock its full potential during the hustle and bustle of busy, everyday life.

Got a question? Ask us here.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Gritty but good

    Being completely honest, it does have a very gritty texture that takes some getting used too and the flavour is more greens with an undertone of your chosen flavour but it’s still pretty tasty. I’ve only been taking it for 4 or 5 days but I do feel better already. I feel less bloated and have more energy. It’s great for someone who doesn’t consume a lot of greens other than petit poi’s and broccoli. I recommend it.

    I feel GREAT! I've been taking this as an addition to my diet, and am starting to see real improvements in my skin in particular! This stuff is really magical! Personally love the taste, and within minutes I really feel the GOODNESS! If you struggle with getting enough fruit and veg, then this is for you!
  3. Fantastic taste

    This tastes fantastic, I’ve got tropical punch, like a pina colada. Mix with water and ice and give it a good blend in the blender and it’s perfect
  4. Pomegranate & Cranberry FOR THE WIN!

    Great to know you're getting an initial boost each morning without even trying! The Pomegranate & Cranberry is my favourite flavour as it's sweet enough to take the edge off a bit, but not too overpowering

    If you've ever tried drinking spirulina, you'll be aware that the texture is, let's say, difficult. So, when I saw that spirulina is the first ingredient in the Protein Works' Super Greens, I thought, uh-ho; this is going to be challenging. Happily, I was wrong. So wrong. Most green powders need to be 'taken' as though they're some kind of medicine (which they actually are), but the tropical-punch flavour of the Protein Works' Super Greens has transformed the medicine taste and texture into a pleasant - in fact, enjoyable - drink. Enjoyable AND super healthy. It's a win-win. Great work, guys.
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