Reusable Water Bottle
Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

“This bottle is amazing, it keeps drinks very cool. I use it overnight and it's still chilled in the morning, plus it looks great!” - Jade

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The Ultimate Thirst Quencher.
  • check_circleKeeps Liquids Cool
  • check_circleStainless Steel Construction
  • check_circleEye-Catching Matte Finish
  • check_circleStriking Gloss Gold Lid
  • check_circleLarge 500ml Capacity
  • check_circleSleek Stylish Design
  • check_circleReliable Screw Closure
  • check_circleProtein Works Branding

Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Keeping yourself hydrated is important for your health. It’s essential you drink enough water on a daily basis to prevent dehydration which can cause your thinking to become impaired, result in mood swings and even for your body to overheat. Health professionals are unanimous in their view that it’s vital to keep your water intake up whether you are exercising or not.

Metal water bottles have become incredibly popular for several reasons. They can be used time and time again – no more plastic waste. They look great of course, and they have an unique ability to keep your drink cool for longer.

The Black & Gold Water Bottle is super easy to wash and doesn’t retain odours or discolour over time. If you’re looking for a bottle for all conditions and to support you in any activity, whether in the gym or the office, then this is the one for you.

Hit The Bottle

The Black & Gold Water Bottle comes in its own presentation box to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Both the bottle and the box are Protein Works branded. Its precise 500ml capacity allows you to easily record your water intake throughout the day. Consuming approximately 3 litres a day – that’s around 6 bottles – will keep you optimally hydrated for a typical man or woman. Finally, the screw top lid has that unerring feeling of quality you have come to expect from everything you buy from Protein Works. 

The Black & Gold Water Bottle is part of our premium range of accessories, incorporating the finest quality materials and workmanship. Its stainless steel body and striking aesthetics mean it looks incredible wherever you pop it down. Just be careful not to leave it unattended! 

Made from food-grade stainless steel, it is not only robust in construction, but unlike plastic bottles, can help keep cold liquids cool and hot ones warm. It has a 500ml capacity, making it a great match for even the biggest of drinkers out there. With an eye-catching matte black finish, contrasting gold lid and Protein Works branding, it’s a keeper. 

Reduce Your Plastic

If you are looking to reduce your plastic usage, then the Black & Gold Water Bottle is the one for you. It uses zero plastic in its construction and its long life capability means you wont need to be buying a replacement anytime soon. We are committed to not using single use plastic bottles at Protein Works, due to the damage they can cause the environment. All our accessories are multi-use and should give you hundreds, if not thousands, of uses over their lifetime.

Your Questions, Answered.

Simply rinse with hot water and then leave it to dry with the lid removed.

No, unfortunately the Black & Gold Water Bottle cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher.

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