Protein Shakers & Water Bottles


Our Protein Shakers and Water Bottles are the ultimate vessel to consume all your favorite shakes and supplements from. Made by the world renowned team at Buschsteiner® our Shakers and Bottles provide the ultimate in gym bag swag.

More than just a fashion statement, our shakers are german engineered with the latest technology to ensure absolutely no leaks and our inner mesh’s provide the highest level of mixabilty, allowing you to kick back and enjoy our insane tasting range of flavours with no lumps!

  • Classic Shaker
    Classic Shaker

    "I love this shaker. I take it to the gym, work, walks. Super practical and trustworthy!"...Leanne

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  • White and Gold Shaker
    White and Gold Shaker

    Delivered quick and doesn't leak when shook most importantly, all around good investment...Rebecca

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  • The Sleakster
    The Sleakster

    "I like the simplistic design of this shaker and never had a problem with leaks." - Louise

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  • Metallic Snowstorm Shaker
    Metallic Snowstorm Shaker

    "Absolutely, love this, looks class and keeps my shakes cold." -James

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  • Metallic Midnight Shaker
    Metallic Midnight Shaker

    “Have the White one already and its the go to shaker - this one is off the hook though! Th...Matty

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  • Origins Protein Shaker
    Origins Protein Shaker

    Pretty sturdy, no leaking so top marks for me. I would definitely pick up another Origins P...Nick

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