The Clear Sleakster
The Clear Sleakster

The Clear Sleakster

"I love this shaker - I take it everywhere. It's reliable, practical and doesn't leak!" - Jo

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If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated, then the Sleakster is the one for you. The Sleakster is based on the age-old principle that the most effective design is the simplest one.

This shaker, with its pure and compact form, maintains its optimal 700ml capacity thanks to its smoothly rounded body.

Unlike the majority of shakers available today, the Sleakster ditches the click-to-close spout mechanism in favor of a brilliantly logical screw closure. It makes you wonder why all shakers aren't designed this way!

Ultra Compact

Designed for simplicity and convenience, the Sleakster prepares a shake in under 30 seconds and can be cleaned and ready for the next round in just another 30 seconds.

Cleaning is a breeze with its three-part disassembly, ensuring a drama-free cleanup. If you seek a shaker that checks all the right boxes, the Sleakster is the perfect choice for you.

  • High Quality Durable Plastic
  • Compact & Low Height
  • Screw Lock Closure
  • Robust & Rigid Construction
  • 360° Transparent Body
  • Optimal 700ml Capacity
  • Ergonomic Design

A Versatile, Resilient Shaker

Whether it endures the rigors of being tossed into your gym bag, enduring countless washes, or receiving minimal care, it consistently stands by your side.

With its generous 700ml capacity, it offers ample space within the chamber for effective blending, enhancing the mixing process.

Additionally, the prominent Protein Works branding on both sides of this shaker leaves no room for doubt regarding your preferred nutrition brand – a feature we wholeheartedly embrace!

Fuss No Fuss

The screw top lid fits reassuringly tight on this shaker and its unique screw closure makes this probably the safest shaker in our range. Despite giving this bad boy a severe examination by the team at HQ, it comes out on top for reliability and safe shaking.

You can shake with confidence, whatever you’re wearing and wherever you are, as this kid is designed to withstand even the most vigorous of shakes. You shouldn’t have to endure any more of those occasional “shake disasters”!