White and Gold Shaker
White and Gold Shaker

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White and Gold Shaker

Delivered quick and doesn't leak when shook most importantly, all around good investment in a stylish shaker. Rebecca

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White and Gold Shaker
White and Gold Shaker
Stand Out From The Shadows.
  • check_circleOfficial Buchsteiner® Manufactured
  • check_circleGerman Precision Engineered
  • check_circleHigh Quality Durable Plastic
  • check_circleRobust & Rigid Construction
  • check_circleRemovable Blending Sieve
  • check_circleOptimal 700ml Capacity
  • check_circle Secure Lock Closure
  • check_circleErgonomic Design
  • check_circleAt-a-Glance Measuring Guide
  • check_circlePW Gold Lettering

What is the Protein Works White & Gold Shaker?

Unique in its styling, the White & Gold Shaker comes with a glacier white body and lid. It also incorporates PW branded gold lettering, giving this shaker a very exclusive feel. It’s time to stand out from the shadows.

The precision sounding click of the spout as it closes, the smooth twist of the screw top lid, and the reinforced container, all tell you that you’re giving your shake the best of times. It comes with a toughened sieve, that sits in the neck of the container, to ensure ultra smooth, clump-free shakes every time.

Everything about this protein shaker screams quality. From the home of premium accessories, Buchsteiner® in Germany, it assembles perfectly and provides a long life, leak-free experience .

The Perfect Shake

The White & Gold Shaker is a radical addition in terms of design to our core range of shakers. Its full white profile and gold lettering are eye-catching to say the least. Designed and manufactured in Germany, it is built using precision engineering. 

It comes with a high tolerance sieve that can perform with any powder formulation or liquid you throw at it. It works equally as well with water or any kind of milk. It is designed to help break up clumped or grainy powder into a fine, soluble form. 

Its 700ml capacity is optimised for our range of shakes from pre workouts to high performance protein shakes. The chamber offers enough capacity for expansive blending, which once again helps with the mixing process. 

Finally, the half curved, half flat construction of its body provides an ergonomic design that fits snugly into the palm of your hand.

Made To Last

The White & Gold Shaker is one the most reliable options in our range. It’s your default shaker for anything and everything you can throw at it. We dare you to test its limits! Shatter-proof, kick-proof, sit-on-it-proof. This is one accessory that will stick with you through thick and thin.

Your Questions, Answered.

No. Due to the high quality secure screw lid, you have leak free shakes every time!

Yes in fact this is why it’s often the preferred choice of shaker for those thicker ingredients.

As with so many things in life, the quality of products can vary significantly, which is why here at Protein Works, we independently audit and approve each and every one of our suppliers. We are committed to quality across all our products. Which is backed up with our 100% money back guarantee.

Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports, who use sports, supplement powders as part of their daily routine.

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