Single Loaded Legends Bar
Single Loaded Legends Bar

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Single Loaded Legends Bar

"The taste is spot on, not too sweet, and the texture is just right. Keeps me healthy and full for hours." *Jordan

Selected Flavour:Choc Fudge

Best SellerChoc FudgeChoc Fudge
Salted Caramel CrunchSalted Caramel Crunch
Choc Hazelnut    Choc Hazelnut
Cookies 'n' Cream  Cookies 'n' Cream
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Single Loaded Legends Bar
Single Loaded Legends Bar
  • We've been making protein snacks for over 10 years now.
  • It's safe to say we got pretty good at it.
  • Loaded Legends fuse everything we've learnt
  • into a protein bar unlike any other.
  • New and improved, Loaded Legends
  • are now softer and yummier than ever.
  • Designed for snack time.
  • The ultimate in convenience and deliciousness.
  • With four brand new and exciting flavours to choose from.
  • Delivering 14g of protein per bar,
  • whilst being low in sugar, and high in heart healthy fibre.
  • Loaded Legends aren't just a protein bar.
  • They're a legacy in the making.

Introducing Your New Favourite Protein Bar.

Softer and Yummier than Ever.

They're called Legends for a reason, take a bite and discover why Loaded Legends are our fastest selling protein bar.

Brand New Exciting Flavours.

Whether you're a self confessed chocoholic or a cookie monster, take your pick from four incredible flavours.

High Quality Taste with High Quality Ingredients.

A symphony of rich velvety chocolate, crunchy nuggets and a gooey soft centre.

Single Loaded Legends Bar

Grab 'n' Go Protein Boost.

The ultimate convenient and delicious fuel at snack time, delivering 14g of protein per bar.

Better than a Naughty Snack.

Get your fix when hunger strikes without the guilt! Each and every Loaded Legend is low in sugar.

Keeps You Fuller for Longer.

Combining fast and slow absorbing proteins with heart healthy fibre to help you feel fuller for longer.

Stack of four Loaded Legends with ingredients
Call outs of the Loaded Legends features

Designed for Snack Time

Your ultimate snack time powerhouse! Loaded Legends are a game-changer designed to elevate your snack time experience. We've hand picked top-tier proteins, ensuring you get the best to help you hit your goals. Paired with carefully selected carbohydrates, each Legend delivers a controlled release of power that keeps you going without the dreaded energy crash.

With just the right balance of natural sweetness and mouthwatering flavours the Loaded Legend isn't just a snack, it's a taste sensation. So grab one on the go or savour it as a guilt-free pleasure.

Make every snack time legendary with a Loaded Legend! 

Soft, chocolatey and straight up delicious. Get the lowdown on our four new and improved flavours.

Loaded Legends are renowned for their award winning, innovative and unbelievably tasty flavours. That legacy continues with four brand new and improved flavours for you to take your pick from.

Choc Fudge

For the chocolate lovers, milk chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate with added dark chocolate chips for the ultimate chocolate experience.

Salted Caramel

Soft and perfectly balanced, rich caramel combined with chocolate and a soft, gooey centre. Declicious!

Cookies 'n' Cream

Cookie monsters unite, cookie pieces infused with chocolate. Crunchy, yet soft on the inside, a game-changer.

Choc Hazelnut

Hazelnut nibs collide with dark chocolate for a match made in heaven. Take a bite and enjoy.


Nom nom... All four of them taste really nice, choc hazelnut was the show stopper for me


Mmmm.... Wow! Super smooth, crunchy nuts. It's a 10/10 for me... Divine!


It's fudgy and soft at the same time. Cookies 'n' Cream is my favourite

Your Questions, Answered.

Each bar weighs 47g.

There's 14g of protein in each and every Loaded Legend bar. It's a legendary blend of three high quality protein sources, perfect for helping support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Loaded Legends contain only 168 calories per bar, making them the perfect grab 'n' go snack for when hunger strikes.

Unfortunately not, but you should check out our award winning Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar for one of the best tasting vegan protein bars.

Absolutely, yes! 

Loaded Legends have slimline sugar content, containing only 2g of sugar per bar. 

Loaded Legends are naturally high in protein, high in fibre, whilst being low in sugar. Our complex blend of proteins, fats and carbs releases energy slowly and keep you feeling full.

Each and every Loaded Legends box is made from fully recyclable that you can recycle as part of your household recycling. The wrappers for each bar are not recyclable, they should be placed in your household waste. The wrappers consist of a composite material, featuring a robust and waterproof plastic outer layer, complemented by an inner foil layer to prevent light exposure and preserve the micronutrients from degradation.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Just buy them, you won't regret it!

    I've tried a lot of protein bars, but this one is on another level. It's delicious, and the texture is perfect. It doesn't crumble or stick to my teeth. Whether after a workout or as a quick breakfast on busy mornings, it's my go-to choice.
  2. New favourite

    This protein bar is a winner in every way. The flavour is amazing, not too sweet, and it's easy on the stomach and gives me a nice afternoon pick me up.
  3. Unreal

    The taste is spot on, not too sweet, and the texture is just right. Keeps me healthy and full for hours
  4. Einfach kaufen, du wirst es nicht bereuen!

    Ich habe schon viele Protein Bars ausprobiert, aber dieser hier ist next level. Er ist köstlich und die Konsistenz ist perfekt. Es krümelt nicht und klebt auch nicht an meinen Zähnen. Egal ob nach einem Workout oder als schnelles Frühstück am Morgen, es ist mein absoluter Liebling.
  5. Taylor

    Dieser Protein Riegel ist ein absoluter Gewinner! Der Geschack ist fantastisch, nicht zu süss und einfach bekömmlich, gibt mit einen super Energie Schub am Nachmittag.
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