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Healthy Home Comfort Meals

Healthy Home Comfort Meals

And just like that, Summer is over.

It seems without even a moments notice the nights have gotten darker and the days are becoming shorter and shorter, so let’s not kid ourselves…winter is coming.

With the start of the Autumnal weather and the onset of winter soon upon us, it time to put the BBQ  back under its cover, and set it aside for until next year, as we swap it out for more homely and comforting meals one again.

Below we have set out our favourite go-to home comfort meals, that are not only good for warming us up during the colder nights, but are still healthy, nutritious and packed with protein.


Let’s kick off with a couple of meals that will get your day off to the perfect start. Both are packed with protein and slow releasing carbs to help you through till lunch time by providing a steady supply of energy and keeping you feeling satiated all morning long.

Overnight oats

A classic that’s guaranteed to warm you up as the cold mornings start to draw in. Soak your oats in your choice of plant based milk overnight. In the morning, mix in your choice of TPW protein powder and then simply heat up in the microwave before finishing off with a selection of your favourite toppings.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out our 6 favourite protein packed over night recipes, with a range of flavours from chocolate peanut to apple pie

Protein Packed Pancakes

Got a little more time on your hands and want something a bit more indulgent? Then Protein Packed Pancakes is sure to brighten up an otherwise bleak autumn morning.

With as little as 8 ingredients you can re-create our vegan protein pancakes with ease. Once you’ve got them stacked up, remember to top them with fruit and nuts to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Even if you don’t have the time to cook from your pancakes from scratch, we’ve got you covered with our protein pancake mix, so no one has to miss out. Simply mix with milk, and you’re good to go.


Lunch & Dinner

Now that your mornings are taken care of, time to move on to lunches and dinners. These meals can all be made in bulk and kept fresh for a number of days. So cook them up in large batches and enjoy them for dinner and lunch throughout the week to ensure your hitting your macro and micro targets simultaneously

African Peanut Soup

Name us a better combination than a hot bowl of soup on a cold, dark day, we’ll wait.

This African inspired peanut soup recipe will not only help warm you up, but provides immune boosting ingredients to see you through the winter months and comes with a decent amount of protein with it, at 8g per serving.

So, get out the thick sliced bread and get stuck in.

Chilli con carne

Chilli by name, but certainly not by nature. When it comes to comforting meals, it doesn’t get much better than a big warm bowl of chilli.

We’ve got a our banging chilli con carne recipe ready and waiting for you that comes loaded with 28 grams of protein per serving and is bursting with vegetables and immune boosting herbs and spices.

Want to veganise the recipe? Simply swap in a soy based mince or transform it into a wholesome 3 bean chilli and create an even healthier alternative.

Coconut and chickpea curry

After a long, cold day, there’s little more satisfying than coming home and settling down to a homemade curry. But it gets even better – our Coconut and chickpea curry only takes a matter of minutes to prep and cook.

We’ve crammed this recipe full of vegetables, protein and fibre, so its sure to have you feeling full whilst delivering a hefty dosage of vitamins and minerals. Make sure to complete the meal with some rice and your favourite naan bread for that extra home comfort touch.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for…dessert. As we approach the final few months of the year, we almost instinctively look for those sweet treats to comfort ourselves with as we put up with the “bleaker” weather.

At the protein works we’ve created our own home comfort desserts that let you indulge your sweet tooth, whilst still benefiting from nutrient packed ingredients.

Vegan Millionaire Cheesecake

Being one of the all-time classic desserts, cheesecake just had to be our first choice.

This simple recipe is packed with flavour and with the addition of our millionaire shortbread protein powder it makes for the perfect high protein ending to any meal.

What’s more, due to its high protein content, and combination of slow release and quick acting carbs, it doubles up as an ideal post workout snack.

Hazelnut Protein Fudge

Looking for a sweet treat that isn’t quiet the calorie buster of a whole serving of dessert then we’ve got just the thing.

This double chocolate and hazelnut fudge recipe ticks all the boxes -nutrient packed, high protein, low in calories and incredibly easy to make.

Made with natural ingredients and flavourings, it’s the indulgent, yet guilt free dessert, you’ve been wishing for.

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