Hands up; Who would have pancakes for breakfast every day if they looked like this?! Give this delicious creation a go from @thevegancailin ⭐️ –
Recipe makes 2 portions.


•20g Ground Almonds
•13g coconut flour
•25g protein powder (I used @theproteinworks Vanilla creme)
•4tsp flax seeds
•5g chia seed
•10g milled chia seed
•100-200ml of non dairy milk depending on consistency (I used soy and almond milk)
•1/2 a banana

Mix the chia and flax with some milk and let sit to make the binding part of the recipe. Blend all ingredient and add milk until you get the right consistency (should be thick)

•25g almond butter
•6 pecans
•85g blueberries

Per serving:
457Cals, 15.5g Net Carbs, 29g Fat, 28g Protein.

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