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5 Healthy Halloween Treats to get you in the spooky spirit

5 Healthy Halloween Treats to get you in the spooky spirit

When Halloween rolls around, it’s hard to think of healthy snacks with all the sweets and chocolate you’ll find in your house.

The spooky season is here, so why not change how you approach it? The holidays are a great time to experiment with healthy snacks that can be turned into festive holiday treats without consuming tons of sugar. We’ve compiled five of our favourite protein Halloween treats that you can conjure up this year if you’re feeling adventurous.

As well as being indulgent, they’re also protein-rich and more nutritious than your traditional Halloween treats.

Discover 5 Healthy Halloween Treats to get you in the spooky spirit…

1. Halloween Protein Cookies 

Spooky cookies

First on our list of healthy Halloween treats are these spooky Halloween Protein Cookies. Combining fruity flavours like bananas and coconut with natural vegan protein, these cookies are a perfect treat for you to plate out at a party or indulge on your couch.

Start by baking and shaping your cookies into whatever spooky shape takes your fancy – from bats to pumpkins, or even spiders and skeletons. Then, you have free range to decorate to your hearts content.

This is a perfect activity to do with the kids or with your other half! Just have fun with it and let your creative side out before tucking into these healthy Halloween snacks.

2. Protein Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread

Nothing screams autumn more than a warm and heart load of pumpkin bread! This pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon and spice concoction is sure to get you in the cosy mood this year.

The recipe is so simple, all you need to do is blend the ingredients together and bake in a bread load pan before choosing your garnishing’s – think honey, fruits or creamy peanut butter.

This pumpkin protein bed is perfect for serving up on a rainy day as you’re snuggled up with a scary film this autumn!

3. Halloween Protein Chocolates

Pumpkin chocolate

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous, our pumpkin protein brownie chocolates is a recipe that you have to try this Halloween!

We’ve got you covered with our easy Protein Brownie Mix, or you can even use a Protein Mug Cake to save time. Then, use your melted chocolate or Chocolate Protein spread and pour half into a Halloween chocolate mould and fill with brownie before covering the rest.

Easy and scary!

4. Chocolate Protein Truffle Spiders

Chocolate Truffle Spiders

Next on our list of healthy Halloween treats are the cutest ones yet! These delightful little fellas are a great addition to your party table and they even use our smooth and creamy Vegan Wondershake.

Mix all truffle ingredients together in a bowl, making sure your batter is well mixed into a dough you can shape with your hands. The best part about this recipe is that there’s no baking involved!

Finish your spiders with chocolate sprinkles and decorate with pretzels for legs and googley eyes before serving up in style.

5. Halloween Protein Brownie

Halloween ghost brownie

Trick or treat season is upon us, and this Halloween, we’re going all out with our sweets.

There’s nothing better than indulging your inner child on Halloween; try these incredibly soft and gooey Brownies adorned with eerie ghosts.

All you have to do is make your own brownies, or use our brownie mix like we did above, before topping with your merengued ghosts. Once you’ve whisked your ghost ingredients together, finish which chocolate chip eyes to create your scary ghost friends.

6. Maple And Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Maple Pumpkin Pancakes

These Protein Pancakes with Maple and Pumpkin are a perfect autumn treat. Whip these up on Halloween morning for a festive start to the best day of the year.

Mix the above in a food processor and then fry as six little pancakes on a non-stick pan. When done, top the lot with calorie-free pancake syrup like our Zero Syrup.

Take A Look At Our Selection Of Food & Snacks For Some Easy Treats. Or, treat yourself to one of our Super Greens to combat all the sweet treats you’ll be consuming.