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Sweet Potato Protein Bread Rolls (Gluten-Free)


These are really easy to whip up!  Check out the recipe:

Ingredients for the Sweet Potato Bread Rolls

1 medium (160g) cooked sweet potato (roasted plain is best)
1 whole egg
1/2 cup of rolled oats
1/8 cup of unflavored whey protein powder
1/8 cup of brown rice flour
2 tbsp coconut flour
1-2 tsps garlic salt


1. Blend all ingredients together using a food processor or handheld blender until you get a very soft and ‘dough-ish’ batter. If your batter is too wet or sticky, add a bit more of the coconut flour (or some more brown rice flour).

2. Shape four ‘rolls’ (see the picture to the left here) and bake them on a nonstick tray (ideally silicone) at 160 C (320 F) for around 20 minutes or until, when poked with a knife, your knife comes out clean.

3. Let the rolls cool before slicing.

4. Enjoy with your filling of choice.

Macros per bread roll, out of four (without the filling as that’s completely up to you): 172kcals, 8g protein, 24g carbs (out of which 5g is fibre!), and 4g fat.

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