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Protein Cookies – A High-Protein, Low-Carb, & Low-Calorie Healthy Protein Cookie Recipe, WHAT!?

Protein Cookies – A High-Protein, Low-Carb, & Low-Calorie Healthy Protein Cookie Recipe, WHAT!?

This high protein and low calorie healthy protein cookie recipe is really special. These cookies were inspired by Oreos but, unlike Oreos which have little by way of protein (only 0.6g of protein per serving in traditional Oreos), these cookies have a nice amount of protein and are relatively low in carbs. You can play around with your filling too. For example, if you want a chocolatey feeling, you can use chocolate-flavoured casein protein powder. 


For the cookies

1 tbsp coconut flour 
1/2 cup  liquid egg whites
1/4 cup whey protein powder (you can use Whey 80, Whey 360, or Whey 360 Extreme)
2 tbsp cocoa powder 
1 tbsp cocoa nibs
1/8 cup rolled oats (gluten free or regular)
1 tsp baking powder

For the filling

1/8 cup casein protein powder (vanilla flavoured)
1/4 cup water
1 tsp coconut flour


1. Blend together and bake on a cookie tray at 170 C (338 F) for about 25 minutes.
2. When the cookies were ready let them cool, get out a freshly-sharpened knife, and slice each cookie horizontally into three. What this meant is that I ended up with fourteen cookie halves.
3. Then lay these on the cookie tray again and stick them under the grill/broiler for a further five minutes (just to make them crunch up further). Then, it’s all about the filling which you make by just mixing 1/8 cup of vanilla casein, 1/4 cup of water, and 1 tsp of coconut flour.

Macros per serving: 

60.3 kcal, 6.7g protein, 3.9g carbs, 1.9g fat.

Whey Protein 360

Overnight Oats

Diet Wondermeal

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8 Replies to “Protein Cookies – A High-Protein, Low-Carb, & Low-Calorie Healthy Protein Cookie Recipe, WHAT!?”

  1. So i have tried making this cookie (minus the cream filling) but i must be missing something because:
    a) cost of ingredients is very expensive
    b) the nutritional information provided here does not match mine
    c) definatley needed to add a sweetener as this was incredibly bitter
    d) The consistency of the vanilla cream is no where near what is described even when adding more coconut flour.

    So here i go –

    Coconut Flour: $12.15 per 453g
    Brown Rice Protein Powder $28.95 per 300g
    Egg Whites $ 1.30 per 3 whole eggs
    Cocoa Powder (had some already) $ 8.00 per250g

    • Hi Peter,

      a) I buy my ingredients in bulk so the cost breakup above is faaaar more than I’d ever pay! Either way, I never described my recipe as ‘super cheap’ so this accusation is unfounded.

      b) What’s your nutritional info? I assume yours would disregard the cream filling.

      c) did you use the flavdrops? they’re a quite potent sweetener.

      d) You just said you didn’t add the cream filling? I’m surprised you wouldn’t get it right with all that casein in there.

  2. OH MY GOOOOD IM SO THRILLEDDDD BY THIS!! im an official oreo lover and when i am dieting (like now) i crave for Oreos! this is such an excellent recipe for those who want to stay on track!! i LOVE IT!!
    does anyone know any other substitute for cocoa nibs? those arent sold in my country ���� thank you for helping 🙂

  3. As protein dense goes, that cream filling really counts, i’m so making that tonight and if it pans out, I’m adding it to everything :p The cookies seem like a task though. I’m still looking for a better substitute for flour in a lot of these recipes. I tried modified resistant starch on some cookies yesterday, but I keep forgetting that stuff swells so hard, they ended up looking like puffy, soft balls rather than cookies …

    • That’s where veggie proteins and coconut flour come in handy! Because they tend not to ‘swell’ and instead retain a pretty nice consistency when baked?

  4. I was super excited abt this recipe. I made them today and they smelled amazing. They are chocolayey but they definitely need a sweetener!