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The World’s Easiest Chocolate Whey Protein Custard Flan

The World’s Easiest Chocolate Whey Protein Custard Flan

This flan is a variation of my BCAA Jelly recipe but takes on a meaner protein punch (it has bit over two scoops of whey protein powder). Here’s all you need to make it:


1 pint milk (cow’s works best)
2 scoops chocolate whey
1 pack of gelatine


1. Heat up a pint of milk (any milk you like, goes without saying) until its hot hot but not boiling hot.

2. Add it to a bowl containing a pack of gelatine and your desired amount of whey protein and whisk the ghost out of the whole thing.

3. Our into glasses, mugs, ramekins or custard moulds.

4. Leave them then in the fridge for a few hours (overnight is good) so that they properly set. Then? Boom: done. Flip on a plate and top with strawberries if you want more of a visual experience, otherwise tuck right in!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

85g protein
35g carbs
13g fat

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3 Replies to “The World’s Easiest Chocolate Whey Protein Custard Flan”

  1. Chocolate whey protein taste great. It has no harmful side effects. With moderation, it is very safe. In fact, it can boost your immune system and increase muscularity. It is also natural and is found in everyday food such as milk. Thanks a lot.