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Vanilla Protein Flan

For some reason, I’ve always LOVED vanilla flan, the easy quick stuff I mean, the stuff you buy in a little fat packet and just add milk to, whisk, fridge, wait for, and munch (a mutant variation of course, of ‘real’ flan, i.e. the one with lots of eggs, mucho sugar, condensed leche and mmmm).

I don’t buy faux flan packets anymore though because of all the added shizzle in the powder and the fact that it’s, well, pretty much straight-up sugar. Anyways, I thought it should be pretty simple to do a similar thing with a nice vanilla protein powder and some gelatin so here’s to that idea 😉

The concept is the exact same as for the amino jelly only here you are substituting the water with milk (I prefer using coconut or almond) and the BCAAs for vanilla protein powder (you can use whey or a blend or I would imagine whatever kind of powder, as long as it does it for ya).

I added a bit of vanilla essence to the powder just because *sigh* I love vanilla too much but you can add whatever else you like in there too. You can for example, if you’re feeling like you want to turn this into a proper ‘adult dessert,’ add a tiny bit of Cointreau or Tia Maria or Baileys or Kahlua or whatever you want. Just a bit though, enough for the kick to push through if you’re into that. Either way, the beauty of it is that it packs pretty much almost all protein! (It’s basically just a protein-shake-turned-flan, hehe).


coconut milk
vanilla essence
1 packet gelatin
2 heaping scoops vanilla protein powder


1. I heated up about a pint of coconut milk (from the carton). In a bowl, I mixed some vanilla essence with a packet of gelatin (each packet is about 11gs) and 2 heaping scoops of vanilla protein powder (about 66gs in total).

2. When the liquid was hot hot but not boiling hot, I poured it into the powders and whisked for the life of me. Bam – to the fridge in little ramekins and little glass jars for a bunch of hours until they set.

My mixture yielded 4 servings but, of course, you could always make one massive one.

Macros per Batch:

20g carbo (2.4 fiber)
56g protein
16g fat (from the milk). S

weet aye? Consider using jars to put the flans in, that way you can close them up as they wait for you in the fridge and it feels like a little treat and looks all homey and with cinnamon on top?

PS – Bear in mind that gelatin is basically a protein powder; each 11g of powdered gelatin (i.e. one packet) for example = 36kcals out of which 9.4g protein and 0.0g carb and fat.


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6 Replies to “Vanilla Protein Flan”

  1. of course i shoulda known you had something like this in here…this sound super easy and i’ll probably have to make it tomorrow…kind of like a protein Panna Cotta

  2. looks amazing. but how is a pint of coconut milk only 16 grams total fat? they’re like 18 grams fat / 100 grams, and pint is, what 4-5 times a 100 grams?