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Top 6 Healthy Fakeaway Recipes

Top 6 Healthy Fakeaway Recipes

As the cost of living keeps rising, some of us are trying to be a bit savvier with our spending. Takeout might be one of the first things to let go of, but just because we’re trying to save a few pennies doesn’t mean we’re up for dull meals. That’s where fakeaways swoop in!

Fakeaways let you whip up those oh-so-yummy takeaway dishes right in your own kitchen. So, you can shove those takeout menus back where they came from and hit uninstall on those food delivery apps. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at six of the best fakeaway recipes we’ve found…

What is a Fakeaway?

A “fakeaway” is a term used to describe a homemade version of a popular restaurant or takeout meal. It’s a play on the words “fake” and “takeaway,” implying that you’re recreating the flavours and experience of a restaurant dish at home, often using healthier ingredients and methods.

Fakeaway’s allow you to enjoy your favourite meals while having more control over the quality of ingredients and the cooking process. They can be a fun and creative way to satisfy cravings without compromising your dietary goals or spending too much money.

1. Fakeaway Pizza

Pizza Fakeaway

Pizza is a classic takeaway option, tastes amazing, easy to eat, and usually cheap to buy. But pizza has changed a lot recently. Whereas a traditional pizza made in Naples was a medium-calorie meal, most American-style pizzas are laden with calories. 

There are lots of Fake-away versions of pizza out there, but we thought we’d showcase the “Dominos Fakeaway Pepperoni Passion Pizza” made by Pinch of Nom. It’s high in protein (25g per serving) and relatively low in calories (358) compared to an actual Dominos pizza.

  • Fakeaway Calories = 358
  • Regular Calories = 643 (based on 3 slices of a medium Americano)
  • Saving = 285 calories

2. Fakeaway Kebab

Kebab Fakeaway

What we love about this option, is that it is actually much closer to a traditional kebab than the food you get from a takeaway! This recipe comes from Tesco Real Food, and it is just 384 calories per serving. 

The recipe is a chicken shish kebab, it uses low-fat natural yoghurt, chicken breast, pitta bread, salad ingredients and some herbs and spices. 

Interestingly, if you ordered a regular chicken shish kebab from a takeaway you probably wouldn’t get much different. Maybe around 500-600 calories or so. But if you ordered a doner kebab you’re looking at 2,000 calories!

  • Fakeaway Calories = 384
  • Regular Calories = 550 (average) for chicken shish
  • Saving = 166

3. Fakeaway Fried Chicken

Fake-Away Fried Chicken

Chicken shops are ubiquitous in UK high streets, and there is a good reason why. They are amazing! Cheap, great tasting food, and open at ridiculously late times for the post-pub crowd. But they are seriously high in calories!

We’re going with Pinch of Nom again, as their Fake-away version of KFC is both delicious, and they have all the calories laid out (which makes our lives easier). 

According to a piece of KFC chicken breast contains 350 calories, a portion of fries contains 320 calories, and coleslaw contains 170 calories. 840 calories in total for one piece of chicken, fries, and coleslaw.

Pinch of Nom offer a piece of chicken breast for 255 calories, their coleslaw is 80 calories, and they offer sweet potato fries for 215 calories. 520 calories in total. This is still a lot, but you could of course cut down on the portion sizes. Or just have a treat that is 320 calories fewer than a regular KFC meal.

  • Fakeaway Calories = 526
  • Regular Calories = 840
  • Saving = 320

4. Fakeaway Curry

Fake-Away Curry

Chicken Tikka Masala may not be a traditional Indian dish, but it is the most popular curry in Britain, and is a takeaway staple. Sadly, it can be ridiculously high in calories. According to the Huffington Post, a chicken tikka masala can contain 680 calories, with a further 280 calories coming with that side of rice you ordered. 960 calories!

This recipe from BBC Good Food delivers you a superb chicken tikka masala recipe that contains just 345 calories, add the 200 calories of plain boiled rice (different to pilau rice mentioned above) and you have got a 545 calorie meal that tastes great and is a lot more gentle on the waist. 

  • Fakeaway Calories = 545
  • Regular Calories = 960
  • Saving = 415

5. Fakeaway McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin

Fake-Away McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin

This last recipe isn’t much lower in calories than the original, but it does contain twice the protein! The fact is that the McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin is surprisingly low in calories, just 383 calories. Sure, that is quite a lot, but compared to a Big Mac (563) it’s not that much. 

This Fake-Away recipe comes from Latoyah, who runs Sugar Pink Food. It’s a great recipe and contains 30g of protein per serving (compared to 15 for a traditional sausage McMuffin). 

  • Fakeaway Calories = 311
  • Regular Calories = 383
  • Saving = 72

6. Fakeaway Savoury SuperMeals

Savoury SuperMeals Burrito

Last but certainly not least is the Savoury SuperMeal! Now, we may be cheating a bit with this one as there’s no recipe involved.

Available in six tasty chef-crafted options, Savoury SuperMeals are crafted to offer you fast and convenient dishes packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They come with just the right mix of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, and fats for a well-balanced meal.

All you have to do is add your chosen meal and serving size to your Savoury Meal Jar, pour in boiling water, give it a good stir, cover it up, wait a couple of minutes, and voilà, you’re good to go!

  • Fakeaway Calories = 345
  • Regular Calories = 500 (average meal)
  • Saving = 155

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