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Zombie Heads By Ashleigh Ponder

Zombie Heads By Ashleigh Ponder

The awesome Ashleigh Ponder has sent us this Halloween inspired Protein cake recipe and it’s too ‘terrifyingly’ good not to share (like what we did there?) Halloween is definitely not just for kids, so indulge your sweet tooth and your inner ghoul with this Zombie head recipe


20g whey protein 80 (vanilla – but apple and cinnamon would work too of course)

20g pure fine oats (oat flour!)

60g apple puree/unsweetened applesauce, however as this is autumnal pumpkin puree would also work a treat. The apple puree is found in the baby food aisle – 100% pureed apple!

1/2tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp baking powder



1) Mix together all of the dry powders

2) Spray a microwave safe mug with cooking oil (I used coconut) – smooth the oil across the inner surface of the mug so it covers it evenly.

3) Stir the apple or pumpkin puree into the dry powders until fully combined.

4) Pour and scrape the mixture into the microwave safe mug.

5) Microwave for 40 seconds (850W). If your microwave power is different, be cautious in your cooking times – it wants to be just set, but not completely.

6) Once cooked, turn out by running a knife around the edge of the mug cake and turning the mug upside down over a plate. If the cake is kept inside the mug, it will continue to cook (which could dry it out)

7) Add toppings if you like and then dig in!


There are no eggs in it so it has just the right amount of gooey drizzle on the top when you turn it out, but is cakey to eat.


Topping ideas:

Nut Butter

– Yogurt or light cream cheese mixed with sweetener (or more protein)

– Granola

– Nut and seed mixes

– I used a mini meringue 🙂


Macros (no toppings):

Calories: 187

Protein: 18g

Carbs: 18g (+6g fibre)

Fat: 4g

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