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White & Dark Chocolate Protein Blondie with Vanilla Protein Ice Cream

This recipe combines two absolute sensations: a protein blondie and protein ice cream.

This is how we made it:

We heated up the Protein Blondie and then we topped it with a scoop of protein ice cream and a square of melted dark chocolate. That’s it: three ingredients.

The blondie in and of itself is ludicrous. It contains sugar and butter, yes, but it tastes like heaven on a plate. It had white and dark chocolate inside and when that melts? Oy… Sweet-Mount-Olympus-and-all-the-Gods-that-have-ever-stepped-foot-on-it! It’s magical. Couple that with the creamy protein ice cream and you experience a intense, deep and rich flavour. 

Macros per serving (if you divide the whole things into two):

21g protein
25g carbs
15g fat

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