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Benefits Of Milk Protein

Benefits Of Milk Protein

Milk Protein is one of the longest used protein supplements and has a number of well-documented benefits.  Often overshadowed by whey, Milk Protein is widely used due to its high quality and rate of absorption.  More specifically, the prolonged release properties of Milk Protein make it ideal for any periods where the body needs a sustained release of protein.  In this article we will explore why the unique properties of Milk Protein make it such a good bedtime protein and when else this can be taken for maximum benefit.

Key Benefits of Milk Protein

Milk Protein’s best quality is that it is such a good anti-catabolic.  This means Milk Protein prevents any potential muscle tissue breakdown.  This is especially important at times when the body will not be getting calories in (i.e. at night).  A common defence for this is to have a protein drink before bed.  This strategy is a good idea, but for best benefits the execution needs to be correct.  Research shows that if that drink is Whey Protein based (hydrolysed, isolate or concentrate) then it will be in and out of your system in a maximum of a couple of hours.  This will still leave several hours where the body will be starving.  Milk Protein forms a gel like substance in the gut and is absorbed over a 7 hour period, effectively giving the body something to feed off for the while of this period.

Any training adaptations can potentially be undone through this catabolic effect of the body breaking down muscle tissue.  In order to truly progress, you must limit any times that this could potentially happen.  Milk Protein provides a reliable way of doing this and when combined with a good nutritional plan, Milk Protein can make a big difference on getting results.

Research has also shown that Milk Protein taken with Whey Protein boosted the amount and duration of protein synthesis that took place (when compared either of these proteins alone).  When every opportunity to increase muscle tissue counts, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of

Maximising Milk Protein Benefits

Given that Milk Protein can increase the effects of Whey Protein and it has such strong anti-catabolic effects, it should be taken during the day as well as at night.  If taken as your mid-morning shake, I would combine Milk Protein with your normal Whey Protein drink.  This will lead to an increase in protein synthesis and also a sustained release protein for the duration of the day.  Any further protein taken in will have its effects boosted by the Milk Protein that is slowly digesting and it will keep the body from breaking down muscle tissue should you not have a chance to eat due to work etc.

Milk Protein has always been a popular choice for night-time protein and has been used for this for many years.  To gain the maximum through its use, its properties shouldn’t be limited to this traditional use.  Research has shown it to be highly effective when combined with Whey Protein and so this advantage should be put to use as a key part of a nutritional plan.


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