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Pine Nut Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Pine Nut Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

This chocolate chip protein cookie recipe has a bit of a twist (that you will have already spotted) in that it contains pine nuts!

Why should you consider using pine nuts in this recipe? Well firstly, they’re actually insanely good for you! They offer a variety of crucial nutrients that are good for your heart, eyes, brain and other organs. Quite frankly, your diet will most likely benefit from the addition of pine nuts!

What’s more, they result in a real, delicious buttery flavour which makes an interesting addition to choc chip cookies!

Here’s what you’ll need to try them for yourself:



1/2 cup vanilla whey protein
2 tablespoons coconut flour
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup vanilla pea protein powder
1/8 cup pine nuts
2 whole eggs
2 squares 85% dark chocolate (roughly chopped and added on top)


1. Blend all the ingredients together, spoon them onto a silicone muffin baking tray before topping each ‘blob’ with a bit of the chocolate, and baking them in the oven at 180 C (356 F) for no more than 15-20 minutes.

2. Take them out, let them cool, eat a few, and if you can, share the rest. 


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6 Replies to “Pine Nut Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies”

  1. Were they at all sickly? The last time I ate pine nuts I almost puked! Maybe the baking takes away the pukiness of them! Apparently their oil is good for weight loss or something, but maybe because they make you puke 🙂 x

    • I’ve never had that reaction! Or think them at all ‘sickly’. Maybe you just don’t like them! The way I don’t like okra, yuck…