Whilst getting the right supplements on board to help your performance, there is one area that many gym goers often neglect. Recovery is absolutely key to your bodies ability to perform as maximum intensity, and therefore taking the right supplements is of the utmost important. Below are some of the best sports nutrition supplements available for helping to aid your body’s recovery.

Zinc and Magnesium

Our Zinc & magnesium tablets are a powerful blend of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Zinc & magnesiu, supplements have been shown to help aid the body’s recovery from intensive exercise which damages your muscles. Zinc & magnesium has also been shown to significantly enhance muscle mass and strength in the human body.

The other, and possibly most important benefit of Zinc, magnesium & Vitamin B6 is that it can help enhance deep sleep. The body requires deep sleep in order to recover effectively from intensive exercise, so to this end, this is the ideal recovery aid. This means it works with the body’s natural recovery mechanisms to promote muscle repair.

Whey Protein

A whey protein shake is another powerful supplement for aiding your body’s recovery. During intense physical exercise, the body’s muscles are literally torn apart leaving tiny micro tears which need to recover. In order to recover the muscles need an adequate source of protein and carbohydrates, like you would find in a whey protein shake.

Whilst it is possible to recover without a protein shake, a product like whey protein provides a convenient, fast-absorbing source of protein that is ideal to kick-start your body’s recovery process. Not only this but a decent whey protein shake also tastes pretty damn good too. Whey protein comes in a number of varieties and flavours meaning you can tailor it to your own goals and tastes. You can always opt for whey isolate if you’re looking to cut back on the carbs and fats, or alternatively go with diet whey if you’re keen to get some powerful fat burning ingredients into your shake.



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