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Protein Chocolate Blueberry Cake

When adding whole blueberries to cakes and baking them, you get these incredible clusters of bursting blueberry heaven every so often that just make you go MMMM!

These photos don’t reflect the glory that was this cake. A good reason to remake it 😉


160g liquid egg whites
56g quark
34g hulled hemp seeds
7g cocoa
20g pea protein
10g coconut flour
15g chocolate hemp protein powder

70g quark
7g chocolate hemp protein
3g coconut flour


1. Baked for 15-20 minuted at around 170 degrees celsius.

2. The base solo was tasty but, because it was pretty flat, I felt it needed layering, some kind of filling… so I mixed 70g of quark + 7g chocolate hemp protein powder and 3g coconut flour, cut the cake in half, layered it and closed it up.

Macros per Cake:

44g protein
30g carbos (13.6g fiber)
19g fat

10g protein
3.5g carbos (1.5g fiber)
5g fat


The beauty of a quark-based filling is that it stays put. Unless your cake is freakishly heavy, you don’t have to worry about slicing it and squeezing all the filling out as you do, if you happen to be using a not-so-sharp butter knife, steak knife, vegetable knife, chef’s knife, bread knife, cake knife, carving knife, meat cleaver, kitchen ax, or machete.

What to take from the recipe: making a cake filling out of quark + powder + whatever else you like = winner. It ends up so creamy and thick and mmmmm. Actually, I bet you can stuff protein pancakes and protein crepes with it too? How about some kind of protein canolli? Oy…

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