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Strawberry Protein Fluff


For those of you that haven’t heard of protein fluff, well your whole world is about to be turned upside down! The best way to describe it is simply as a blended frozen dessert, made with protein powder, but its so much more than that. The beauty of protein fluff is that you get so much food with very little calories! 

For those of you that have heard of protein fluff, it turns out that protein-fluffing berries yields a better fluff than protein-fluffing frozen bananas (which is typically the norm!)


30 grams vanilla whey protein powder
100 grams frozen strawberries
20-50ml whole milk
0.5 grams xanthan gum


All thrown into a bowl and hand-held blended for a minute before being hand-held whisked for a couple of minutes.

That’s it, one step! It’s that easy! You can top it with nuts, use it to top protein jelly, have it on cake, have it IN cake, have it solo, have it inside a cone, use it to top protein pancakes? The possibilities are quite literally endless!

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3 Replies to “Strawberry Protein Fluff”

    • Hi Mitchell!!!! You can definitely do it with casein; I find concentrate better than isolate and yay! do try it with all kinds of frozen fruit! 🙂