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Protein Carrot Cake Ice Cream with a Wheat bran/Psyllium Cone – Take 2

While the cone is great with quinoa, it CAN also be made without, the thing with making your own cone is that you need to make a thick batter and then really SPREAD it as it cooks on the pan so it doesn’t turn out absurdly thick and/or too small to then roll into a cone and cook it into shape.

The one here is made with psyllium, wheat bran, liquid egg white, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder, stevia and coconut flour. On it is my protein carrot cake ice cream. What would be really great is if anyone has one of those waffle-bottomed pans? you know, for the cone… for the authenticity effect and all 😉

Cone Ingredients:

150g liquid white
5g wheat bran
4g psyllium
10g coconut flour
vanilla essence

Ice Cream Ingredients:

90g frozen baby carrots
1 scoop vanilla whey
~100ml coconut milk
10g PB
ground cloves
ground nutmeg

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

For the cone
18.3g protein
8.2g carbo
2.5g fat

For the Ice Cream
28.6g protein
12.3g carb (4g fiber)
10.4g fat

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3 Replies to “Protein Carrot Cake Ice Cream with a Wheat bran/Psyllium Cone – Take 2”

  1. you can! haha its more of less your pancakes no? just waaaaay condensed, flipped over (remember to reeeeally spread out the stuff into a circle as it cooks so it cooks evenly and not too thickly), and cooked into a cone shape 🙂
    (I mix the ingredients with a fork)
    Yay! let me know how it turns out!