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High Protein Quinoa Bread with Goji Berries



87g liquid egg whites
1 egg white
32g brown rice protein
10g psyllium husks
64g quinoa flakes
10g goji berries
pinch of baking


Bake it till a fork comes out clean and when cold, slice it right down the middle and then horizontally so that you end up with 8 slices. πŸ™‚

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

23.4g protein
31.6g carbs (10.8g fiber)

I made a grilled cheese sandwich by frying it with some coconut oil and then in went le fromage and then some hummus.

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12 Replies to “High Protein Quinoa Bread with Goji Berries”

  1. me too πŸ˜€ next time i make this, I’ll make sure Ihave some blue or roquefort handy b/c this bread is amazing with sharp cheeses!

  2. I would imagine so? You could add a bit more quinoa flakes to make up for the husks? The psyllium husks basically take a lot of the moisture out of the cake, making the batter more concise, in addition to adding the fiber but I would think you can just leave them out and this should turn out fine πŸ™‚

    • No. Quinoa flakes are like… oats (in that rolled oats are really oat flakes) whereas quinoa flour is, well, flour! Like oat flour πŸ™‚