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Protein Carrot Cake Ice Cream with a Wheat bran/Psyllium Cone – Take 2

While the cone is great with quinoa, it CAN also be made without, the thing with making your own cone is that you need to make a thick batter and then really SPREAD it as it cooks on the pan so it doesn’t turn out absurdly thick and/or too small to then roll into a cone and cook it into shape.

The one here is made with psyllium, wheat bran, liquid egg white, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder, stevia and coconut flour. 

Cone Ingredients:

150g liquid white
5g wheat bran
4g psyllium
10g coconut flour
vanilla essence

Ice Cream Ingredients:

90g frozen baby carrots
1 scoop vanilla whey
~100ml coconut milk
10g PB
ground cloves
ground nutmeg

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

For the cone
18.3g protein
8.2g carbo
2.5g fat

For the Ice Cream
28.6g protein
12.3g carb (4g fibre)
10.4g fat

Pea Protein 80
Whey Protein 360 Extreme
Vegan Protein
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3 Replies to “Protein Carrot Cake Ice Cream with a Wheat bran/Psyllium Cone – Take 2”

  1. you can! haha its more of less your pancakes no? just waaaaay condensed, flipped over (remember to reeeeally spread out the stuff into a circle as it cooks so it cooks evenly and not too thickly), and cooked into a cone shape 🙂
    (I mix the ingredients with a fork)
    Yay! let me know how it turns out!