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Protein Apple Pie – Take 1

FOREWORD: This was an experiment so several things could/should have been changed, tweaked, modified, eliminated. In other words, read this and play around with the ideas in the back of your head trying to pick out what worked from what didn’t and so on.


56g zucchini
1 whole egg
12g brown rice protein powder
35g coconut flour
20g egg whites
1 banana
Splash of coconut milk to bind
Vanilla essence
200g apples
7g apple fiber
32g vanilla whey protein powder
10g unflavored hemp protein
27g hulled hemp seeds


1. Mix zucchini, whole egg, brown rice protein powder, coconut flour, egg whites, 1/2 banana, splash of coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon together.

2. Make the filling with steaming 200g of apples with cinnamon and vanilla.

3. When the apples are soft, add the apple fiber, vanilla whey protein powder, unflavored hemp protein powder, the other half of the banana, hulled hemp seeds, another splash of coconut milk, more vanilla, and more cinnamon.

4. Line the cake tray with the ‘pastry’ and bake it for 10 minutes then add the filling to it and cover it with more pastry before throwing it all back in the oven at 180 celsius.

5. Bake for 35 minutes.

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

6.1g fat
21g carbs (10.6 sugars/7.8 fiber)
16g protein


I mixed the pastry together with my hands because using blender liquifies the zucchinis and it all ends up… watery. In my opinion, the ‘pastry’ turned out but it definitely needed lots of tweaking (esp. the addition of butter and/or nut butter). Save for the sweetness factor which can easily be remedied with honey/sweetener, I really liked it!The result was ‘interesting’ – certainly apple pie-ish and yummy in that sense but I think I made several mistakes: the largest one being the filling. I think the apple filling shouldn’t contain any rising proteins, it should be juicy and sticky and here, the whey protein made it cook >:-( tsk tsk (should have known better). Also, I feel like the ‘pastry’ needed to be sweeter and I should have added nut butter to it for sure. Finally, I missed walnuts. I like apple pies with lots of nuts in there. Anyways, it was a tasty first attempt in my opinion and I am most certainly going to have some more after the gym next to banana protein fluff for the full BOOOOM! effect. Our apple tree is in full bloom so I’m going to go for Take 2 of this in no time so that it yields a better protein apple pie 🙂

POSTCRIPT: AAAA!!! after spending time in the fridge, cooked whey or not, this is deliccccciiiiiiiioooouuuuuuusssss!!!!! Next to some tea? Oy! :-)))))))))

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2 Replies to “Protein Apple Pie – Take 1”

  1. I think it looks pretty good! I just made zucchini protein brownies…I didn’t post them because I wasn’t 100% sure I liked them!