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Molten Chocolate Protein Cake (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE PROTEIN CAKE RECIPE copyI have a theory that all my chocolate desserts are an attempt to re-live my teenage year’s obsession with Chilis’ molten chocolate cake (this crazy think, also known as an MCC). You know, or maybe you don’t! But Chilis (a US chain of restaurants) has been dishing out their MCC for decades.

I first discovered it when I was 16 and would often go to Chilis with my friends and order just that, “just the molten chocolate cake, please.”

Healthy Molten Chocolate Cake

It’d then arrive and I’d go properly feral on it.

Healthy Molten Chocolate Cake

The cake would always arrive warm, and a gooey river of chocolate would ooze out as soon as I cut into it. Then the vanilla ice cream on top, cold and creamy, would start to melt against the chocolate sauce on top of of the MCC before coming into contact with the warm cake and oozing chocolatey centre.


(Side note: there’s actually a touch of genius in desserts like this, don’t you think? Because, by combining hot with quickly-dissolving cold, you force people to eat the whole thing quickly. So what they end up with is a volcanic shot of sugar into the bloodstream. All their pleasure centers go off at once, like a fireworks display of nommmmmmmmage delivered straight to the soul.)Anyways, when, in my late teens, I started learning about nutrition, I looked into the nutritional composition of one MCC. I was shocked. I mean, sure, I knew it wasn’t exactly a health food but look at this. It’s BEAST. Over 1,000 calories on a plate, 145 grams of carbs, 63 grams of fat.

Of course, it does taste like all kinds of crazy.

But still. For a person to down all that in less than 10 minutes? Probably not recommend unless it’s a once in a blue moon thing and even then… why not fuel the body with something equally tasty but that can deliver something other than just sugar and fat?

What could one have though… What could one have that gives the same punch of hnnnng straight to one’s heart?

Well, let me give you the answer to that question. The answer is THIS!!!!!! This cake! This POW MCC! You can eat it every week if you want because, guess what? It’s a) small, b) high-ish in protein and c) pretty macro-friendly! It’s also so fun to eat and comes with chocolate goodness as well as a good serving of cashews (which, if you’re low-ish in Zinc, can come in handy).

What makes this the best thing I’ve ever made with protein powder though is the fact that it TASTES like an actual MCC. I kid you not. I kid you not! It’s like someone  grabbed a regular MCC, conjured up a witch, and had her tap the MCC while reciting:

protein molten chocolate cake recipeAnd then POW!!!!! This appears.

(I apologise for the bad ‘poetry’).

It’s ludicrous. I dare any of you to make this and not fall head over heels in LOVE. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating. I know it sounds like I am but honestly, I’m not. This is one of the best things I’ve ever made.

Hand on the heart.

MAKE IT and you’ll see. It’s EASY. It’s also vegan and gluten-free and just… Zeus! It’s like an actual MCC!!!!

Vegan-Molten-Chocolate-Cake-Recipe Gluten-Free


1/8 cup pea protein powder
1/8 cup gluten-free self-raising flour
115ml almond milk
1/8 cup cocoa powder (18.5g)
2 tbsp (32g) cashew butter (could sub with almond or peanut)
1 tbsp (13g) date syrup (or your natural sweetener of choice)
Stevia drops to taste or your sweetener of choice


1. In a bowl, whisk everything together and divide into two silicone muffin cups.

2. Bake at 215 C (425F) for around 8 minutes. Keep an eye of them so they don’t over-bake and take them out as soon as the top is cooked but still soft.

3. Turn them over on a plate and top with your favorite vanilla ice cream and syrup on top! You can use either zero-calorie syrup, chocolate sauce, a bit of melted dark chocolate or just some date syrup like I did here 🙂

Here’s a video I just posted on our Facebook page so you can see how easy making this really is:


Below is comparison of macros for just ONE of these little cakes versus a whole MCC. You’ll say, “Anna, come on, an MCC is big and your cakes are muffin-sized”. OK, sure. But you know what? The pleasure and satisfaction they deliver is the SAME. So you can either make a POW MCC and get our POW macros for the same punch of NOMMMMM or you can eat the original MCC and get THEIR punch of macros. Your choice, my beautiful babies! Just look at this:

1 POW MCC: 251kcals, 14g protein, 26g carbs (out of which 2.2g is fibre), 10g fat.
1 Chili’s MCC: 1,160kcals, 13g protein, 145g carbs (out of which 5g is fiber), 63g fat.

If we went gram to gram (i.e. if we compare 1 POW MCC to 1/2 of Chilli’s MCC), the difference would still be huge. Look:

1 POW MCC: 251kcals, 14g protein, 26g carbs (out of which 2.2g is fibre), 10g fat.
1/2 Chili’s MCC: 580kcals, 6.5g protein, 72g carbs, 31.5g fat.

Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe Vegan

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