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Protein Corndogs Recipe

PROTEIN CORNDOGSBasically, the concept is to use pea protein and besan for coating the sausages – in this case, venison sausages. I thought this was ideal because pea protein lends itself to thick coats and has a really mild and savory-pancakey-flavor (is that makes sense).

I knew ‘traditional’ corndogs call for flour so I felt I should use some kind of thickener of that family. This is when I turned towards besan, aka chickpea flour.

Oh, delight! Oh, memories! Ah, la la! They were so tasty! They’re kind of like a hotdog where you condense the bun and press it around the sausage hehe – but better. The egg really shines through and nom nom nom 🙂


1 egg
30g pea protein
10g besan (aka chickpea flour)
100ml milk or so (+ sea salt)


1. I threw the two powders together in a bowl, together with some coconut milk, one egg, and baking powder until the batter looked thick enough.

2. I then cooked the sausages (two) and, when ready, drowned them in the batter before proceeding to panfry them. I should have turned them more so they look more cilindrical but ey, not a big deal.

3. Since I didn’t have the sticks required (because, c’mon), I used chopsticks. The result of this whole experiment was a big fat YES!!!!!!!

Macros for two corndogs, each with a venison sausage in the middle:

51g protein
13g carbo (2.3g fiber)
11g fat


Now, bear in mind this was an experiment so feel free to play around with it. For example, I was going to add ground almonds to the mix but then thought naaah yet now think maybe? Also, maybe one can try double wrapping them so they’re fatter?


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