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Protein Corndogs Recipe

Protein Corndogs Recipe

Corndogs are that delicious snack that no one can be bothered to make – but what if we told you it was incredibly easy AND we can make it even higher in protein?

Basically, the concept is to use pea protein and besan for coating the sausages – in this case, venison sausages. This is ideal because pea protein lends itself to thick coats and has a really mild and savory-pancakey-flavor. 

‘Traditional’ corndogs call for flour therefore some kind of thickener of that family would be best for this.  This is when besan comes into play, aka chickpea flour.



1 egg
30 grams Pea Protein 80
10 grams besan (aka chickpea flour)
100ml milk (+ sea salt)


1. Put the two powders together in a bowl, together with some coconut milk, one egg, and baking powder until the batter looks thick enough.

2. Then cook the sausages (two) and, when ready, drown them in the batter before proceeding to panfry them. Turn them while in the pan. 

Macros for two corndogs, each with a venison sausage in the middle:

51g protein
13g carbohydrates  (2.3g fibre)
11g fat


Pea Protein 80

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