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Chocolate Casein Protein Pancakes with an Espresso Protein Sauce

Protein pancakes really are the breakfast of champions! They provide an excellent boost to your morning as they are jam packed with protein AND mouth-wateringly delicious!

This quick and easy recipe will allow you to whip these up in any kitchen that you’re in! 


5 egg whites
25 grams chocolate Micellar Casein
A bunch of frozen blueberries
2 tablespoons coconut milk


1. Blend 15 grams of casein with the egg whites and cinnamon, dollop some of the  mixture onto a hot pan and fry until your desired level of done-ness. Repeat until you have a big stack of pancakes!

2. The ‘sauce’ is a nice and smooth shot of espresso blended with cocoa, the rest of the chocolate casein and a tiny bit of coconut milk. 

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