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Milk Chocolate & Coconut Protein Brownies

Milk Chocolate & Coconut Protein Brownies


244g egg whites
22g cocoa
125g kidney beans
87g chocolate flavored hemp protein
33g brown rice protein
31g grated coconut
118g whole milk


1. I just threw that all into a bowl and hand-held blended the mixture with some baking soda in there

2. Into the oven for about 15 minutes or so.

Macros per Serving (out of 16):

3.9g carbos (2gs of which fiber)
7.6g protein
3.2 fat

Can one use another type of protein? Probably so! Give it a shot because I think what gave these fellas their great moist consistency was the beans and quark so yup although, to tell you the truth, hemp lends this amazing consistency to the brownies without ever turning ‘rubbery’ like whey does… Also, the whole milk + cocoa? = delicious.

PS – consider throwing some nuts in there too (pecans!) :-)))


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