CLA is a trans free fatty acid derived from omega 6. Omega 6 is a fatty acid found naturally in the intestines of pasture fed animals. For years, CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been known to have a variety of health benefits. To date, several studies have been carried out around the world to ascertain these individual benefits and to uncover the efficacy of CLA.

What are the Sources of CLA?

The human body usually synthesizes CLA from linoleic acid obtained from the diet. There are several dietary sources of CLA. Sources of CLA include dairy products especially those from grass-fed cows such as low-fat yoghurt, cheese and ice-cream. Other sources of CLA include meat from pastured beef, vegetable oil and margarine and fortified eggs.

However, these sources do not contain appreciable amounts of CLA and that is why there is need for further CLA supplementation. The CLA supplement is isolated from the dairy and beef products and then highly purified to provide high levels of this important fatty acid. It is then formulated into pills that are taken for fat loss and muscle building.


How does CLA Boost Metabolism?

Interestingly, CLA is in itself a fat and this defies logic because this fat can be used to fight fat and cause fat loss. There is a valid reason why, CLA is derived from omega 6, which together with omega 3 are two of the essential fatty acids which have the effects of boosting metabolism. Fat accumulation in the body is usually a function of increased dietary intake of fat, reduced or basal metabolic rate and lack of exercise. Therefore anything that will reduce the intake of fat or calories, increase the rate of metabolism or ensures increased physical activity will help reduce weight, the amount of fat in the body and promote health.

The increased rate of metabolism provided by CLA ensures that fat is burned to produce energy. The targeted fat is that which accumulates on the walls of the blood vessels, in the belly and under the skin. The energy obtained is utilized in the synthesis of protein that makes up the muscles and also provides fuel for exercise endurance and other body activities. This means CLA can be used to both reduce body fat and support lean muscle gains.


The Benefits of CLA

CLA is very important supplement in promoting health. It has several benefits not associated with other trans fatty acids. CLA helps in fighting fat while at the same time stimulating synthesis of lean muscles. These two actions are important in helping you attain the best body shape possible. CLA has also been demonstrated to have some anti-tumor or anti-cancer effects. When taken in adequate amounts, CLA can help reduce the risks of developing some deadly cancers such as colorectal carcinoma. It also has effects of protecting the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of the fat such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, hypertension as well as coronary artery disease. Finally, CLA boosts immunity and therefore increases defense against infections and other pathological conditions affecting the body. This can also prevent the development or exacerbations of autoimmune or immune mediated diseases.



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