Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is the newest addition to the list of natural supplements with benefits in health and fitness. CLA is a healthy fat obtained from dairy and beef products of pasture fed ruminants such as cows, sheep and goats. They may also be found in certain vegetables such as safflower oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil. CLA belongs to a group of trans-fatty acids obtained from an essential fatty acid that is found naturally in the guts of animals fed on grass. In the human body, bacteria in the large intestines breakdown linoleic acids to form CLA. To acheive the available health benefits, CLA has been isolated from these natural sources and concentrated into dietary supplements.

Why Take CLA Supplements?

  • Bodybuilding

If you already eat well and train hard but want the extra tool in your box, CLA can assist you in promoting lean muscle gains and losing fat.

  • Cancer Prevention And Treatment

Research indicates that CLA is a potent cancer fighter. This is because of its effects on a chemical known as Tumor Necrotic Factor (TNF).  This chemical is produced by immune cells and helps with defense against the growth of tumor cells. CLA supplement boosts the synthesis and therefore the blood levels of this tumor suppressant. Studies have shown that CLA could reduce the risk of developing cancer of the breasts by as much as 60 percent.

  • Weight Loss

The most well-known mechanism of CLA is fat loss. Medical experts agree that herbal products and natural supplements are effective in weight loss. This is especially true when combined with the right diet and exercise program. CLA not only gets rid of fat but also promotes lean body mass. CLA works by stimulating the metabolism or breakdown of fat to provide energy that drives muscular activity and growth.

  • Prevention Of Age Related Muscle Loss

Age comes with many adverse effects. One such side effect is muscle loss. CLA has been shown to prevent age-related muscle loss and helps to maintain lean muscle tissue. This is due to CLA’s effects on improving protein synthesis. CLA also has anti-oxidant effects and removes toxins that destroy muscle cells and prevents the body from regenerating or synthesizing new muscle tissue.



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