Brown Rice Protein is often overlooked as a protein source by those looking to build muscle mass. This is despite the fact that Brown Rice Protein has been shown to be an effective way of ensuring the body has enough protein to effectively support protein synthesis and build muscle mass. Brown Rice Protein is as effective a source of protein as better known products, whilst also coming with a number of other additional nutrients and benefits.

Brown Rice Protein Amino Acid Profile

Brown Rice Protein is a popular choice for anyone looking to avoid dairy sources or other non-dairy protein options such as Soy Protein. Aside from this, some even prefer Brown Rice Protein as it has been shown to contain the full selection of amino acids essential to building muscle mass. Brown Rice Protein is also an excellent choice to consume before longer periods of fasting, for example right before bed. This is because Brown Rice Protein takes longer to digest than many other protein sources such as whey and egg. This means Brown Rice Protein will help ensure your muscles are drip-fed while you sleep.

Brown Rice Protein Additional Nutrients

In addition to providing a big hit of quality protein, Brown Rice Protein also has other benefits which may indirectly help with overall physical appearance and body composition. Brown Rice Protein is low in both carbohydrates and fats. In addition, some athletes actually prefer this type of protein because of the additional nutrients found within it. For example, high levels of certain B vitamins and a high fibre content can also support your fat loss goals by ensuring optimal cell function and staving off hunger. This makes Brown Rice Protein an excellent supplement for people looking to develop a lean, muscular physique.



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