Brown Rice Protein can be an ideal supplement for consumption at the gym. There are a number of reasons Brown Rice Protein is the ideal supplement for packing in your gym bag which we will cover below.

Consuming Brown Rice Protein Before or After a Workout

Generally most people will opt to consume Brown Rice Protein after they have completed their workout. However Brown Rice Protein is also ideal for consuming before a workout. This is because Brown Rice Protein is a slower digesting source of protein than a lot of other protein sources. This means that the Brown Rice Protein can help to fuel your workout whilst still helping repair muscle damage after you have finished. This is because Brown Rice Protein remains in your system longer than many other sources of protein.

Storing & Transporting Brown Rice Protein

Unlike some food sources of protein, Brown Rice Protein is easy to store and transport in your gym bag in shake form. Whilst some people might like to consume a full meal after they have finished exercising, Brown Rice Protein is an excellent alternative. This is because Brown Rice Protein comes in a powdered form so can be easily transported in a shaker. This means that you simply have to add water to your Brown Rice Protein in order to consume it.

Brown Rice Protein: A Complete Protein Source

Unlike some forms of protein, Brown Rice Protein is considered to be a complete protein source. This is because Brown Rice Protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids that make up a complete protein. These nine essential amino acids are the cornerstones of building muscle mass so are ideally consumed immediately after intense exercise that causes damage to muscle tissue.



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