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You’ve Got To Be Oating!

You’ve Got To Be Oating!

Move over Man v Food and step aside all you can eat, there’s a new challenge in town!

This weekend Tom Trotter will attempt to become the first man this week (that we know of) to attempt to demolish a TEN THOUSAND CALORIE BOWL OF PORRIDGE!

Loaded with 800g of oats and topped with a whole host of TPW goodies, the loveable rascal will be making use of his stretchy pants as a fuelling session like no other gets underway.

Tom, and partner in crime Rhiannon Bailey, are regularly teasing our taste buds with creamy porridge shots fit for any foodie taste test, and often get comments back about how many bowls of that hungry eyed viewers could put away.

We get it, a huge bowl of porridge may not sound as gripping as the return of the Premier League, but in a comeback where the most used phrase has been ‘0-0 at half time in an empty stadium’, how can you not be intrigued?

Eyes bigger than belly syndrome? It’s time to find out.

The average bowl of porridge uses around 60-100g of oats, while this bowl smashes around EIGHT TIMES THAT, not taking into account the Crunkies, Superfood Bites and Syrups added on top.

The porridge sweats, the stomach groans and the deep breaths combined with internal pep talks, this Sunday promises to have it all!

Ahead of the clash, Trotter, 26, spoke of his confidence against the bowl dubbed “The Monster”.

“Look I get it” said Tom at his final training camp in Surrey, “this porridge is loaded, and will be confident of me giving up halfway through. Lesser competitors have thrown in the towel around spoonful 12 or 13, but I’ve gone 27 spoons on several occasions in training. I’m ready. I’m preparing to lick the bowl and then go for a jog.”

You can catch the action from 12 o clock this Sunday on Tom’s Youtube Channel

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