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Why you love it...
“So delicious. These protein bars are just so easy to eat. Perfect for on the go or for a nutritious snack. One of my favourite bars ever!” - Thomas
Why we love it...
Protein Crunkie - our vegan-friendly protein bar is like the swiss army knife of nutrition.

High in protein, infused with pure plant-based protein isolate to help support your muscle growth & repair.

Packed with the finest low GI, slow-release oats which deliver a high fibre kick of quality, energy exploding carbohydrates.

With over 19.8g of carbs, 6.4g of fibre and only 3.6 of fat - this bar is nutritionally crafted to fuel you any time of day



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Vegan Protein Crunkie Bar



Building on the legacy of our insane tasting protein snacks, the Protein Crunkie™ is the next evolution in game-changing fitness foods. Scientifically developed and hand-crafted, they represent the very latest in gourmet sports nutrition. Delivering muscle-building protein, high quality carbs, high fibre and heart-healthy fats in one simple to eat cereal bar, it really becomes a conversation around – “what doesn’t this bar provide!?”

It’s true. We set the bar high when we pressed ‘innovate’ on the nutritionists that delivered this snack. As usual, we were relentless in our pursuit of creating something unique. We researched the protein bar, cereal bar and energy bar markets across the globe to gather the sum and substance of what makes a "go-to-bar". Ultimately it came down to three core components; 1. Taste. 2. Convenience. 3. Nutritionals. The Protein Crunkie™, by design, delivers on all three.



Having a bar without bangin’ taste is like a Sunday dinner without the trimmings! We don’t launch anything unless we are satisfied the taste will blow your socks off. Flavour is at the heart of all things TPW™ and our commitment to your taste buds is as clear today as it was when we first opened our doors in 2012. The Protein Crunkies™ come with the TPW™ seal of approval, tested by over 100 certified snack testers, athletes and gym goers & re-engineered over 25 times. It’s this level of dedication to innovation that means you can be sure that the Protein Crunkies™ perform as good as they look, and taste even better than they perform.

APPLE & CINNAMON COLLISION – A heady mix of fruit, spice, oats and chocolate. Are you really ready to handle the Crunkie experience?

CRANBERRY & GOJI HUBBUB – Call off the search! The best vegan snack to hit the planet is here. Berry flavours sucker punching your taste buds.

COCONUT & APRICOT APRICOT MELEE – The big guns are well and truly out, raw coconuts, low GI oats and sweet apricots. Let's get ready to rumble!

Vegan Protein Crunkie Bar
Vegan Protein Crunkie Bar



HIGH PROTEIN – Made with our very finest Soy Protein Isolate to deliver an optimal muscle building amino acid profile for growth and repair.

ENERGY YIELDING CRUNCH – Rich in Low GI oats to form the perfect cereal bar mix of slow release carbohydrates to fuel your daily pursuits.

HIGH FIBRE – Essential for a healthy digestive system, ensuring these beauties go down as easy as they go in!

HEALTHY FATS – A source of healthy fats, to deliver long lasting energy when you need it most.

VEGAN FRIENDLY – For all our plant based tribe, a Vegan super snack set to change the landscape of vegan nutrition.



Designed from Day one to be suitable for the masses, we’ve spent months sourcing the finest plant based ingredients for our Protein Crunkie™ took time and dedication, but the result is a 100% natural bar that delivers everything you could possibly need to fuel your wildest adventures.

VEGAN FRIENDLY – It's officially a Vegan Super Snack that takes on all that’s come before. Building on our huge legacy of delivering the best tasting vegan protein nutrition on the planet.

LACTOSE FREE - To take on allergies head on! The Protein Crunkie™ is completely Lactose Free, derived from natural soy vegan protein isolate, renowned for providing a remarkably similar amino acid profile to that of meat based proteins.

DAIRY FREE– The milk man might not be happy, but there’s many other people that are! When you’ve got a weapon like our dairy free chocolate flavoured coating, you use it. Savour the taste of this milk free sensation!

100% VEGETARIAN – no secret agents here – Veggies dig in! Protein Crunkie™ shows all the natural power that can be gained from Mother Nature, delivering an unrivalled level of sustained energy and power.

Vegan Protein Crunkie Bar

27 May 2019

Chewy and delicious!
Have tried these in all flavours they have a great texture!
Love the sweetness of the cranberry&goji but I would have to say my favourite is the coconut&apricot!
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13 May 2019

Really nice cereal bars
These are really good tasting bars ... bit like a cereal bar with added protein. I like the cranberry one tastes lush

09 April 2019

Good boost
These are very tasty, and convenient
its a good on the go snack
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03 March 2019

Apple Cinnamon Collision
I have recently got a box of these in the apple cinnamon collision flavour after trying the coconut and apricot flavoured version and feel that this version is even nicer and has a great combination of apple with a chocolate coating and provides and awesome rich and crunchy texture. These are epic protein based snack bars that work well to fit into a range of vegetarian and vegan based diets due to using soy as the primary protein source which is a decent complete protein that i feel provides a decent full spectrum of amino acids to contribute to optimal muscle repair and growth during any bulking or cutting based dieting phases. Hopefully This Review Was Of Benefit, For Free Protein Please Use My Referral Code: JM15339 at checkout. These are more like energy granola based bars due to their super crunchy awesome texture and are higher in carbohydrates than some of the other protein snacks available on this website which prevent me from including them during my really intense low calorie and low sugar based fat loss dieting phases but these still work well for my off season mass gaining phases and for carb based refeed days due to being quite low in fat in comparison to a range of other cereal bars that you can get from your local supermarkets. I love the fact that these use very high quality clean ingredients which makes them very healthy for long term consumption without any negative health effects.

26 February 2019

Goji berry
Fantastic on the go snack to have in work / gym bag as a little pick me up between meals.

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Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


The Protein Crunkie™ is extremely versatile, it can either be used as a snack in between meals, or to grab on the go. However to get the best from this energy yielding bar, it is best consumed pre-exercise to make the most of it's high quality, slow release carbohydrates. .

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When should I consume a Protein Crunkie™?

The Protein Crunkie™ is extremely versatile, it can either be used as a snack in between meals, or to grab on the go. However to get the best from this energy yielding bar, it is best consumed pre-exercise.

Is the Protein Crunkies™ suitable for Vegans and Vegatarians?

Yes, no hidden nasties here.

Is the Protein Crunkie™ Wheat Free?

Yes it is Wheat, Lactose and Dairy Free.

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