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What Should I Take With Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is a very effective supplement. But like most other supplements it works best when you ‘stack’ it with other products. Increased work rate due to taking beta-alanine means your body needs to do more repairing after a session. Extra energy needs to be supplied to the muscle. To take full advantage of beta alanine you need to make sure your stack of supplements adds up.

Pre-Workout Supplementation with Beta Alanine

You should be having one of your doses of beta alanine with your pre-workout drink. Lots of pre-workout powders will include beta alanine in the ingredients so you will not have to add additional beta alanine to this mix. You need to make sure that it contains ingredients that will work along side beta alanine. Caffeine is a good addition to have as it is a stimulant. The increased heart rate due to caffeine will increase the supply of nutrients to the muscle, allowing it to recover quicker. The increased energy supply will aid those doing longer periods of exercise. Creatine is also good to take with beta alanine. The combination of the quick ATP recovers due to creatine along with the prevention of fatigue from the beta alanine greatly increases performance. Make sure that you include some carbohydrates in your pre-workout meal to supply the muscles.

Post-Workout Supplementation with Beta Alanine

Using beta alanine will mean your muscles are worked harder during your workout. More work means more recovery and repair. Post-workout supplementation ensures your body has enough repair material to rebuild your muscle. Protein supplementation is a must when using beta alanine. Protein is the building block of the body so must be present for the recovery process. Include BCAA‘s if they are not already in your protein shake. These help the body utilise the protein your taking and rebuild the muscle.

Other Supplementation with Beta Alanine

Make sure that your longer term recovery is fuelled by an evening protein shake. Beta alanine causes your body to need more recovery than usual, so the evening shake will really aid this process. Vitamins and minerals help make sure that your body is running at its max all the time. This is even more important as the extra wear on your body will leave it more vulnerable to illness. Beta alanine increases use of the central nervous system, so the vitamins and minerals will help support this too. Make sure that you are sleeping enough too. Sleep is the best way to help your body recover from the extra work beta alanine will let you do.

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