Caffeine is a white, crystalline, bitter powder. There are many ways in which you can consume caffeine. Natural sources of caffeine include seeds, leaves, nuts and berries. Human beings like things a little more palatable though!

Caffeine in Coffee

The caffeine content in your average cup of coffee is around 100mg. Decaffeinated coffee isn’t actually caffeine-free, and can contain up to 12mg of caffeine. If you’re always in a rush, then instant coffee might be your thing. You can expect anywhere up to 170mg of caffeine per cup.

Caffeine in Tea

Many people believe that tea is less ‘intensive’ in caffeine levels than coffee. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your average cup of tea contains 85mg of caffeine. Green tea is close behind with 60mg of caffeine, followed by white tea with 55mg. Your best bet if you want tea with a lower caffeine content is Oolong tea, with 35mg.

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Caffeine isn’t the only ingredient that energy drinks use as a stimulant, but is one of the biggest in ratio. A single can of commercially available energy drink can have anywhere between 80 and 280mg of caffeine depending on the can size.

Caffeine in Chocolate

That’s right, not even chocolate is safe from caffeine! Slim-fast chocolate drinks come in at 20mg of caffeine in a single serving. Dark chocolate has the same amount of caffeine in a 30g square. Milk chocolate drops significantly to 6mg of caffeine per 30g serving. White chocolate is just about the only caffeine-free chocolate out there, with absolutely no caffeine at all.

Caffeine Supplements

Caffeine supplements are the purest form of caffeine. They are not diluted or mixed with other chemicals. Exact measurements in capsules and tablets help to regulate your intake of caffeine. This makes caffeine easy to control and maintain a regular intake. The downside here is that most tablets are 200mg doses, so if you like your coffee, tea or other caffeine-infused drinks and food, this stringent method of caffeine counting will restrict how much you can ideally take in.

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