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The Effects Of Zinc & Magnesium On Athletes

The Effects Of Zinc & Magnesium On Athletes

Zinc & Magnesium is a key supplement for many athletes. Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are more prevalent in sportspeople than the normal public. Extensive research has shown that rigorous physical activity can severely deplete zinc and magnesium stores so regular supplementation is essential in those training regularly, specifically those competing at the highest level.

Zinc & Magnesium Athlete Studies

A 1998 study of NFL players showed that over 70% of participants suffered from zinc and magnesium deficiencies and therefore required supplementation. The study showed that 8 weeks of Zinc & Magnesium supplementation helped to significantly increase muscle-building hormone levels and the strength of the football players. In a further study from Washington University, football players were shown to have significantly greater strength increases when consuming Zinc & Magnesium Supplements. The group taking them were shown to have 2.5 time greater strength gains and 2 times greater function power gains.

Why is a Zinc & Magnesium Supplement Required?

Whilst zinc and magnesium occur naturally in many foods, it is hard to get the recommended amounts through diet alone. This is particularly true for athletes who use up a greater level of their stores during training and therefore require some form of ZMA supplementation. Studies have shown that anything up to 68% of diets contain less than two-thirds of the RDA of zinc and up to 39% provide less than two-thirds the RDA of magnesium. This shows the importance of a ZMA supplement. The key issue for athletes is that foods with high levels of zinc and magnesium are often less desirable for other health reasons. It is therefore important for athletes to take additional ZMA supplementation in order to compensate for the lack of zinc and magnesium in their natural diets.

The Importance of Zinc & Magnesium

Although many athletes already consume vitamin and mineral supplements these do not require the recommended amounts of zinc and magnesium. This means that athletes must look to consume Zinc & Magnesium along with their existing supplements in order to ensure they are receiving the required amounts of zinc and magnesium.

Whilst athletes may receive significant quantities of zinc and magnesium naturally and through vitamin and mineral supplements the most effective way to boost their levels is through Zinc & Magnesium. It is clear that Zinc & Magnesium is an important supplement for anyone training at a moderate to intense physical level. This is because training causes zinc and magnesium levels to drop and supplementation has been proven to be the most effective way of replenishing the bodies stores.

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