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Taking Zinc & Magnesium For Rugby

Zinc & Magnesium is an excellent supplement to aid both rugby performance and recovery around games and training. Zinc and magnesium both play an important role in ensuring you are able to perform at your optimal level during rugby games. Such a supplement could also hold the key to enhancing recovery from tough games and training sessions.

Zinc & Magnesium for Performance

Taking a Zinc & Magnesium supplement can help significantly improve performance both on and off the field. Studies have shown that those people taking a Zinc & Magnesium supplement see a significant improvement in both strength and performance compared to control groups. In a physical sport such as rugby, the marginal gains afforded by a supplement such as zinc and Magnesium clearly provide a huge benefit.

The fact many people engaging in physical activities such as rugby suffer from zinc and magnesium deficiencies emphasises the importance of such a supplement. By boosting the levels of zinc and magnesium in your body, this can allow you to perform harder for longer in tough conditions.

Zinc & Magnesium, for Recovery

The zinc and magnesium levels found in a zinc and magnesium supplement can be key to recovering from the aches and pains of playing rugby. The magnesium is of particular importance as it has been shown to help reduce pains which are a common occurrence in rugby players. It may also aid the muscle-building potential of the body – allowing for greater increases in muscle mass which is an important element for all rugby players.

The combination of Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin b6 is also a well-documented sleep aid with studies showing those people consuming a supplement comprising of these elements enjoy a better night’s sleep. As sleep is such an integral part of the recovery process, zinc and magnesium can be a powerful ally in getting over the knocks and bumps sustained playing rugby. So not only does it help improve athletic performance and muscle gains, but it is also a plays a key role in recovery. This makes zinc and magnesium a key supplement for any rugby players at whatever level.

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