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Tahini Protein Truffles

This recipe is inspired by Greek Macedonian Halva. Have you ever had Halva? It’s a Greek (and middle-eastern too) snack that’s made up of sesame seed paste (aka tahini) and honey and/or sugar! 

The recipe below is exactly like these bars, only these truffles are much lower in sugar and higher in protein. They’re super easy to make! And yummy alongside (and inside of!) a cup of coffee…

Only four ingredients:

  1. Tahini (I used one that contains stevia but you can use regular 1-ingredient tahini here too)
  2. Protein powder
  3. Honey (or maple syrup)
  4. Dark Chocolate

Directions are extremely simple: just combine the tahini + protein + honey (or maple) until you get a dough. Roll the dough into balls. Then, melt your dark chocolate and dunk the balls in there. Refrigerate for an hour or so and they’re ready.

What about… amounts? Well, we used the same amount of everything and they worked out great! In other words, 1/8 cup tahini, 1/8 cup honey, 1/8 cup pea protein. We used pea because we wanted them to be dairy-free but you can use whey too. Just sub the pea protein for 1 tbsp of whey and 1 tbsp of ground almonds.

Note: If your tahini is too runny, add a bit more of the powder. If it’s all turning out too powdery, add a bit more of the tahini. Feel free to add stevia drops if you want your truffles sweeter without upping the honey or maple too much. You can add cocoa powder too!


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