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Protein Orange Almond Cake

Check out this protein orange almond cake recipe! 


1 orange
53g vanilla whey
vanilla essence
2 egg yolks
80g almonds
baking powder
5g extra virgin olive oil
2 egg whites


1. First, boil a whole (washed, obviously) orange until it was soft. When soft (so a knife went in easily), then cut off the top and bottom and cut it in half to deseed it only to discover it was seedless anyways. It then goes into the food processor until a mush was made.

2. In a bowl, mix in 53g of vanilla whey, vanilla essence, and 2 egg yolks. Then, to this, add 80g of roughly ground almonds, some baking powder, 5g of extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon. 

3. In another bowl,  beat 2 egg whites to stiff peaks. Fold the orange/whey mixture into the egg whites.

4. When more or less combined, the whole thing was put on a coconut-oiled cake trey and bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees, (celcius).

Macros per Serving (out of 8):

8.5g protein
8.2g carbohydrates (3.25g fibre)
6.7g fat (0.7g saturated)

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5 Replies to “Protein Orange Almond Cake”

  1. this looks DIVINE! I’ll be doing it sometimes next week (I’m waiting for the parcel with almond flour in it!!!) but since I’not a big fan of oranges I’m thinking of maybe substituting it with apple? or I need to think of a more exciting fruit. any ideas?

    btw I still haven’t made the psylium/eggwhite omlet, but as soon as I’ll try I’ll let you know. i’ve been putting it off because of my previous failures with psyllium. I will get to it at some point though.

    btw I love your blog! I’m actually considering making one myself- all thanks to you!


  2. Hi D!!! thanks for liking my bog and a big fat wooohooooooo to starting your own! Let me know when you do and I’ll be on it like a hot protein pancake 😉

    About the recipe, as I said here I am thinking of making this cake with a whole lemon next time, some walnuts with the almonds, and poppy seeds. It would result in a Lemon Poppyseed cake OR a bunch of cute lil muffins!! I will try this soon and let you know how it is but I would imagine it would work!

    I dunno about substituing the above with apple…maybe? but the texture would be very different… you could use apple sauce instead of the mushed up orange??? 🙂

    Just follow the ingredients from above using a lemon instead, maybe add more vanilla and more whey protein (so it does away with any sourness!) and go from there?

    Also, almond flour, i just ground a bunch of almonds (or whatever nuts really). Did you get almond flour or ground almonds, are they the same thing? hehe I dunno maybe not! if not, wow! almond flour sounds interesting and I want to hear what it’s like!!!

  3. hi! I got almond, walnut, hazelnut and sesame, oh and coconut! never bought them before, so I have no idea how they taste, but I’ll let you know. they are not the same as ground, because they are previously deoiled and then ground. and the fat % is about 10-15%. I just got the e mail that they will be here before next monday! and I can’t wait. I ordered peanut (deiled) flour before and coconut flour too, and they were very good in baking, but not good on it’s own. also I’m getting 5 (!!!) flavours of protein powder (I have NOTHING left)but there is some problem with a credit card so it will probably take a little over a week.
    Right now my kitchen is empty! So the second I get some ingredients I’ll be able to experiment a little. oh and I’ll make that blog soon!
    btw, where do you live?


  4. Hiii!
    I’m a Swedish fan of urs, u r doing a great job. I baked this caked but unfortunately it never yeasted. any idea why?