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Banana Protein Fluff

Banana Protein Fluff

This recipe deserves an award! If you’re looking for a delicious and creative way to get your whey protein in without just whacking it in a shake, look no further! 

It is not only a blast to eat, it’s also pretty amusing to look at as you’re eating it. The Protein Fluff in the image above turned out a lot fluffier due to it being made with less milk (coconut milk, the one you get from a carton though (i.e. not the canned version as this is considerably thicker)) and more banana (i.e. one whole frozen medium sliced banana – 100gs worth).

There’s no point waiting around, jump straight into it!


1 banana
1 scoop unflavoured whey protein powder (but you could use our Banana Smooth flavour too!) 
A tiny bit of coconut milk


Blend the banana to a pulp with 2 tbsp of the milk and then add the your scoop of protein powder and whisk for a couple of minutes. 

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

28g protein
23g carbs
1g fat


Whey Protein 360

Diet Super Greens

Diet Wondermeal

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17 Replies to “Banana Protein Fluff”

  1. I call this more of an ice cream as I like to use frozen berries, or even half eaten bits of my sons apples that he doesnt finish off.


  2. Looks lovely and I tried it – tastes delicious! However, maybe I am doing something wrong but my amount was teeny. I had to add an extra 2 Tblspns of coconut milk for it to blend and even then I probably had only about 100ml-150 mls of that right?

  3. Did u look at the video from the previous fluff post? you don’t need lots of liquid really… did it fluff up? are you using enough whey????

  4. Hi Anna, I haven’t seen the previous video(where?), and I used 35 g of whey..any more than that and I would have had to add more coconut milk to blend it. Must say that the taste was great but disappointed in the quantity. Hard to dig it out of the bottom of the blender too:(

  5. It’s great and while it DOES look like marshmallow fluff, which I’ve had many times, it doesn’t taste anything like it. Marshmallow fluff is way sweeter and really sticky and has no banana flavor. I enjoy this even better – more filling and satisfying.

  6. Mmm…I tried this, only I used Allmax “chocolate peanut butter” protein – SO delicious!!!

  7. I’ve used frozen cooked sweet potato, frozen cooked carrots, and frozen cooked butternut squash. Any of them works 🙂