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Mini Protein Chocolate Cupcakes with Banana Fluff

Ah what a blast, to fill up a plate with mini cupcakes and eat them one by one after coming back from the gym ravenous (you can pretend you’re a giant with a giant fork too, hehe). Anyways, the recipe was a case of ‘throwing it all together’ blended


157g egg whites
47g chocolate hemp protein powder
135g cooked sweet potato
20g cocoa
15g sunflower seeds
15g brazil nut butter
7g brown rice protein powder
10g coconut four
5g orange whey
30g coconut milk
1 big banana
20g vanilla whey protein powder
1g xanthan gum


1. Blend everything in a bowl

2. Bake in truffle cases at 170 celsius for 30 minutes

For the fluff:

Whip the banana, vanilla whey, and xanthan gum together until fluffy

Macros per serving w/o fluff (out of 20):

31g fat
64g carbs (23g fiber) 
68g protein


The sunflower seeds are great because they go amazingly well with chocolate and they give the cupcakes a fantastic crrrrrunch. The problem was that they didn’t rise enough probably because they contained no flour/grain of any and the mixture was too heavy. BUT its heaviness gave it this incredible moistness factor which was oh oh oh!! See, it’s the sweet potato + the hemp -> oy; it makes a huge difference to bake with hemp protein powder versus using whey alone! Consider making mini cupcakes and destroying the lot too, it’s very amusing and yum yum 🙂

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